Black Girl Magic: Marsai Martin Edition

What were you doing at the age 14? If you were anything like me, you were at a friends’ house in the basement trying to smuggle something out of their parents’ liquor cabinet. You would have been having your first crush, learning to kiss, and trying to look too cool for school. You would’ve been actively looking forward to growing up and making your own decisions about the future you desired for yourself, although you had no current plans to do so.  

You were a lot of things, but you never maintained a role in a hit ABC Tv-series Blackish; while producing and starring in the 2019 Universal Pictures comedy film Little. Marsai Martin is Hollywood’s youngest executive producer ever. During her hiatus, she had an urge to try to develop her own project. Her agent laughed in her face. This gave her motivation to stick it to the man and start her own production agency and movie.  

Being a young black woman in this society, I am extremely proud and impressed by the black magic that encompasses Martin. There will always be situations in life when someone shuts down your ideas. But instead of accepting this as defeat, Martin had the strength and courage to push for her goals until they manifested into reality.  

(Gif Courtesy of GIPHY)

When she sat down with the LA Times for an interview, she touched on her goals stating “I see myself directing, writing, doing my own tv shows and movies. I see myself being a legend! I don’t know what 30-year-old or 20-year-old Marsai would want, but there is a path for me.”

Martin is an exceptional role model for not only young black girls, but every single girl striving to accomplish their dreams. I see nothing but a bright future for Marsai Martin.