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Billie Razors: Your Next Health Trend Obsession

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Furman chapter.

Nowadays, it seems that there is a delivery service for just about any product, and I don’t know about y’all, but personally, I am loving it. It might be enabling my laziness but being able to consistently be stocked up on groceries, clothing, makeup, wine, and personal hygiene products without ever leaving my home is pretty cool. Especially since I am that person who goes to Walmart jut to forget I went there for. It is no secret that I love products like this (quick plug for my meal delivery kit article). My newest find on this trend is Billie Razors.

(Photo Courtesy of Billie Razors)

Billie Razors is a delivery service, created specifically for women, that sends razors directly to your home for a terrific price. It’s only $9.00 for four razor heads! Your first order will come with a handle in the color of your choosing and a magnetic holder to put on your shower wall. The razor is made up of five blades surrounded by charcoal shave soap to provide a smooth shave without creating razor burn. You will never have to worry about wasting razor blades because Billie Razors allows you to customize your plan to receive razors as often as you need. So, whether you shave once a week, once a month, or every day you can design a plan that is perfect for your shaving habits. 

In addition to razors, the company also sells a variety of other products such as shaving cream, body lotion, and body wash. All products are made with natural ingredients, are toxin free, and easy to add to your monthly order at a great, low price (only $8-12 dollars)! All orders also have free shipping making it even more of a steal! 

If the promise of never running out of razors isn’t enough to get you on board, Billi Razors additionally donates a portion of their profits to a multitude of different women’s causes around the world. Currently, this money is going to the organization Every Mother Counts, which works to make pregnancy and childbirth safer for women around the world. What are you waiting for? You’re only one click away!

Amanda Herrup is a writer for Her campus and a junior Psychology Major at Furman University. She enjoys studying Psychology of gender and applying it to her Her Campus articles. In her free time she enjoys traveling, drinking coffee, and watching cartoons and cooking shows.
Mackenzie Smith is the Campus Correspondent and Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus at Furman University. She is a senior majoring in Public Health with a minor in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Mackenzie has a passion for making sure women feel empowered and important throughout all stages of life which can be seen through her work with Girlology and The Homeless Period Project.