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Cara Difabio-Girl Looking At The Side Fall
Cara Difabio-Girl Looking At The Side Fall
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The Best of Fall 2019 Makeup Trends

This fall season’s hottest makeup trends are NOT subtle. They are all about being bold, bright, and standing out. Check out these fun trends and see which ones you would try for yourself!


Graphic Eyeliner

(Photo Courtesy of Unsplash)

Autumn 2019 is all about bold and colorful eyeliner. Say goodbye to the classic cat-eye and hello to geometric and whimsical shapes. This trend can be seen anywhere from HBO’s Euphoriato the runways of New York Fashion Week.  


Glossy Makeup

(Photo Courtesy of Burst)

This is a more subtle trend that still makes a statement. Glossy makeup on the eyes, lips, and cheeks will be seen everywhere this fall. It may seem quite avant-garde at the moment, but soon we will be seeing it more and more on the streets.


Red Lips

(Photo Courtesy of Unsplash)

Red lips may seem like a summer look, but this year it is staying for fall! Make this trend your own by using a red that flatters your skin tone. This can be anything from an orangey-red to a deep burgundy. Try out different reds to find the one you love!  


Glitter(Photo Courtesy of PhotoPin)

Glitter will become an everyday look this fall. Instead of waiting to use glitter for special occasions, we will be rocking it ALL THE TIME. A cult favorite glitter is the Lemonhead LA jelly glitters. They make glitter user-friendly and way less messy. I am sohere for this trend!


Matching to Your Outfit

(Photo Courtesy of Pexels)

Instead of doing a neutral eye with a bold outfit, try matching the vibe! Wearing the same color eyeshadow as your outfit is an easy way to step your fashion game up. It looks edgy without having to try too hard. 


Everyone likes to do their makeup differently, and everyone prefers different looks. But if you are looking to switch up your normal makeup routine and test the waters of something bolder, try these fall trends. You will stand out and look like you just stepped off this season’s runway. 

Hannah Tyson is a junior business administration major and a writer for Her Campus Furman. She is addicted to makeup and hopes to one day work in the cosmetics industry. She started her own beauty blog in 2017 and that’s what lead her to writing for Her Campus Furman! Her favorite dessert is creme brûlée, Kylie Jenner is her idol, she owns exactly 20 eyeshadow palettes, and she has dyed her hair every color from platinum to black to grey!
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