Beauty Brands You've Never Heard of but Need to Know

We’ve all heard of MAC, Maybelline, and Fenty Beauty at this point. Do you ever feel like branching out? It can be scary to try makeup brands you've never heard of. They could be your next holy-grail product, or a total waste of money. Here are five beauty brands that are less well-known but make high quality products that will rival your favorite brands. 


Lemonhead L.A.

(Photo courtesy of Hannah Tyson)

Lemonhead L.A. is a makeup brand that is loved by artists but is not well known to the public. Their glitters are in a jelly formula that makes application clean and easy. These glitters last all day (or night) with a beautiful, vibrant color range that caters to all skin tones. Their products can be seen all throughout HBO’s Euphoria, and even on stage on Beyoncé glowing face. 


The Ordinary

Do you ever want to try fancy skincare, but the price tag is too scary? Well, this is the brand for you. The Ordinary offers serums, toners, and much more with ingredients you would see in luxury skincare. But the best part? Most of the products are under $20. 


Juvia’s Place

(Photo courtesy of Hannah Tyson)

I cannot rave enough about Juvia’s place. Their eyeshadows in particular are one of the best formulas on the market. They have insanely unique color palettes with the most beautiful and bright packaging. Juvia’s Place was one of the first brands to number their foundation range from darkest (100) to lightest (740). They pride themselves on inclusivity, and truly have something in their product line for every makeup-wearer. 


Beauty Bakerie

Beauty Bakerie has the CUTEST packaging and themes to their products. Along with the cuteness of the packaging, their products are bomb. Their cult-favorite product is the “flour” setting powder, and it is a favorite for a reason. Like Juvia’s Place, Beauty Bakerie labels their foundation shades from darker to lighter. Their products are very inclusive and have shades for all skin tones. 


Patrick Ta Beauty

(Photo courtesy of Hannah Tyson)

Patrick Ta is a fantastic makeup artist who loves to focus on the glow. His makeup line is sold strictly at Sephora and includes glowing products for your lips, face, and body. My favorite product in the line is the lip gloss. It is a thin formula with a minty flavor, and it makes your lips look so juicy. His products are very high quality, but since this is a new brand, it is not as well-known. 


I would recommend these brands to all makeup wearers, beginner or expert. Most of these brands are sold at Sephora or Ulta, so they are very accessible. Who knows, maybe you will find your new favorite beauty brand!