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Sexual health. A topic that many young Americans don’t know much about, and many don’t know who to go to when they have a question. Luckily, there are quite a few apps out there that can help you get ahead of your sexual health by providing answers to your burning questions right at your fingertips. 



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Euki is a really cool app that has information on a range of topics from abortion to STIs. It also has a calendar where you can track your menstrual cycle, emotions, sexual activity, any tests you have taken (STI or Pregnancy), and how your body is feeling. The app is really user friendly and all of the information provided comes from reputable sources. Euki even lets you bookmark helpful information and in order to find it later on! 



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Clue is a menstrual cycle tracker. You can track your cycle length, period length, as well as all the other symptoms that go along with periods (like cravings, pain, and acne). This is really great for anyone who just wants to know when their period is coming, but also a great way to keep track of your health and keep an eye on your reproductive system! 


My Sex Doctor:

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My Sex Doctor offers information on many different topics related to sexual health from flirting to sexual orientation to oral sex and unwanted pregnancy options. It also has a dictionary tab for all of your vocabulary needs and a symptom checker to help you keep an eye out for possible STI symptoms. Just remember that no matter how helpful the information is, it cannot substitute the advice of a medical professional. If you suspect that you have an STI, could be pregnant, or have another medical related issue, make an appointment with a medical professional. 


Although healthcare professionals are always the best options, it is empowering to know there are resources available to access answers about your sexual health right on your phone. The tracking capabilities are also a great way to keep tabs on your health to avoid unwarranted anxiety and fear! So, stay away from WebMD and check out some of these apps. 



Abigail is a junior Educational Studies major and writer for Her Campus Furman. She has a passion for working with kids and aspires to be a Speech Therapist. Her favorite activities include horseback riding, traveling, going to concerts, and partaking in self-care.
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