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5 Fall COVID-Friendly Date Night Ideas

Quarantine has been hard on relationships, whether those relationships are platonic or romantic. Normal date nights to the bar or romantic dinners with your significant other are no longer an option.  Now that we're transitioning into a season normally spent going to apple orchards, tailgates, and Halloween parties, it seems that many of our favorite fall dates may no longer be an option. So, here are five date ideas that you can do with your partner, while staying safe during the pandemic. This one is perfect for all couples,

1. Pumpkin Painting

This one is perfect for all couples, whether you guys are still long-distances or have the luxury of being together in person. It's cheap and can be done over Zoom, if needed. All you have to do is go to the store, grab a pumpkin and some paints, and go crazy. It's a great way to laugh at each other's terrible artwork, and also makes for some great fall decorations. 

2. Cook Some Fall Favorites

This one is another that can be done in person or on Zoom. Fall, with its rainy days and cloudy skies, is the perfect time to cook something warm and cozy. I recommend something that puts you in an autumn mood, like this butternut squash mac and cheese. Also, if you're anything like me, quarantine has taught me that I really need to get my cooking skills in check. 

3. Throw a Two-Person Halloween Party

The one thing that I am missing the most this fall is Halloween. Obviously there are not going to be any typical Halloween parties, but that doesn’t have to stop you from getting in the spooky spirit. Plan a night to dress up in costumes, make Halloween cookies and cupcakes, and eat huge amounts of candy. Again, if you can’t be together, you can get on Zoom and show off your fun costumes.

4. Go On a Night Walk

Before the weather gets too cold, go on a long walk and bring a picnic dinner somewhere you can be socially distant from others! This can be a bit tricky, because it can be hard to find non-crowded picnic spots right now, but if you go at night, there are definitely going to be less people around. You’ll be able to see the stars, and not be bogged down by the heat and humidity of the summer. Night walks are a thousand times better than walks during the day because it’s usually quiet and serene, and for some reason it is easier to fall into deeper conversation. I definitely recommend this, especially for newer couples.

5. Get Dressed Up and Order In

One of the things I miss the most about pre-COVID days is getting dressed up. However, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t do this at home. Put on that dress you bought for the formal you never went to, or your favorite going-out skirt, and order something fancy to eat. This might seem weird and cheesy, but I promise it will be so fun to dress up as fancy as you want without having to worry about anyone judging you. I did this with my gorgeous formal dress and roommates this summer, and it was so much fun.

I know this isn’t the fall we wanted, but we all have to do our part to keep others safe and healthy. Making the most out of date nights is still possible, you just have to get creative! 

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