Tope Alao-Sanni

An exceptional student who has portrayed what being a leader is all about. She's vibrant, dedicated, caring and beautiful. A true leader that believes in equality and an inspiration to all. It’s no other than COLFHECSSA's Vice President

 Tell us about you. Tell us about your personal life, your career and relationship, if you're in one“My name is Tope Alao-Sanni. A final year student of nutrition and dietetics. I'm presently in a relationship. I love talking to people, mixing and travelling. Asides from being a student, I work as a sales representative for Jumia Nigeria. I am also involved in planning of events. Basically birthday parties, if you have friends, a boyfriend or girlfriend you want to surprise with a party or gift then I'm the right person to call.”

What little set-backs have you experienced and achievements you’ve completed during the period of your tenure?“The major challenge is we are the ''Pioneer Set". Being the pioneer set people look forward to what we would offer. They expect so much from us, based on the fact that we are the first set of people representing COLPHEC. We haven't been able to meet up to their expectation. They are actually expecting more things than what we offered and of course at the same time we have achieved some things as well, alongside with other executives. We have been able to improve the way the college is. We have provided chairs for students, a means through which students can charge their mobile phones, wall clocks in each lecture theatre and we've been able to speak with the management about the bad state of the restrooms.”

Of all the posts available, why did you decide to choose that of the Vice President?“I love helping people, I seriously like getting involved in helping. if you have heard of an instrument called 'vice' that holds another instrument and helps it function. Literally I hold the president I.e. I help him out with some activities so he won't have so much to do. As a president, you would have loads of work to do, so I help him out in doing some little things that are equally important which he can't settle due to time.”


How has relating with other executives been for you and do you think a man would be able to do better in that aspect?“The general belief is 'females always have their way' .There are some things I insist on doing and when I lay my hands on them I achieve them quite well. Viewing the case of a male playing that role might not be that smooth for him in the aspect of interactions. A male will function, no doubt but a female I think you would do better depending on your personality. Moreover, the president is a male and I have found the interactions with him as pleasant as ever.”


Are you a fashionista? If yes what are you a fan of?“Yeah I am. I love wedding fashion, the clothes, shoes and the decoration and all other aspects of weddings.”


What's your advice to Funaab ladies aspiring for a post and to Funaabites ?“For those aspiring for one post or the other, besides the title there is a lot of commitment and sacrifices you need to make. When you eventually get into it make sure you put your main reason why you're in school your priority. Let that be your main focus then afterwards whatever post you might be participating in comes after.The advice I have for Funaabites is for them to be co-operative and I also want them to realise we are also students like them and we are bound to make mistakes. Don't expect too much and not too less from us. Lastly, when we try our best please encourage us.”


What makes you different from other people?“I believe everyone has that thing that makes them unique and different. What makes me different is that I'm approachable and when I talk to you or advice you, I won't stop until I am sure you have thoroughly understood me or I have impacted something in you.”