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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FUNAAB chapter.

The ladies of Federal Univerisity of Agriculture, Abeokuta might not be extremely fashionable but they ‘ve got this beautiful ways of combining their colours; those that dresses elegantly put on expensive shoes and bags with gorgeous accessories, and also those that dresses simple do it in a sweet and descent way, but there is a general belief that “FUNAAB ladies are the most descent ladies, this would prompt me to say that “you can always dress simple and still be fashionable”. It is not until more than half of your body is exposed before you look elegant.

Have you thought of wearing a simple round neck top with a blue jean trousers and finish it up with a nice footwear and a beautiful mono strap bag? How simple it will look but pretty cool! A crop top with a slightly ripped highwaist jean trousers complimented with a nice snickers isn’t bad either. These are the outfits that are mostly common among Funaab ladies.Monday is a corporate day and most students are usually dressed in their corporate wears; A high waist skirt complimented with a tummy belt and a simple shoe or a slick gown on a nice shoe and probably any accessory that goes well with it.

Crazy and stylish dressings are peculiar on Wednesdays owing to the fact that the university closes by 1:00pm and student happens to have very few lectures on this day. Also, a whole lot of activities which are not pertaining to academics occurs on Wednesdays, this gives ladies the thought of dressing to “kill” as it is usually called. Nevertheless, students don’t hesitate to appear on their native attire on Fridays, it seems like a tradition that have been adopted. Though all students don’t particularly follow that tradition, but most of them do. Muslim ladies are also dressed in their hijabs and long sleeve blouses on Friday but mostly on native too. Although, after school hours ladies tends to change to their English outfit either to see a movie within the campus or for other activities, especially because Friday is the last day of the week.

There is no slightest shadow of a reason why you shouldn’t be dressed in a very nice way at the begining of the semester–after resumption because there is no form of rigour whatsoever and your closet should probably have new wears. Ladies tends to look sweet, fresh and beautiful also free from stress at the begining of the semester. You would hardly see a female student with an haggard hair or look. Even sundays for christian ladies are usually dope, because there is enough time to be spent on selecting clothes to wear. More time and attention is usually given to frivolties like; seeing movies, going for sports, attending shows and the likes.

 A period that can’t be neglected is exam periods. Ofcourse, exam comes with distress and would definitely reflect on the appearance. It is quite surprising to see fashionist who wears make up often, looking plain as ever, some even go as far as leaving their hair unkempt and dress as simple as they can. Exam brings tension and anxiety to the minds of Funaab students both psychologically and physically which inturn affects their mode of dressing and even their atitude towards social activities, and it could even leave them indisposed if proper care is not taken!

My name is Bishi Aisha Adedolapo. I'm an indigene of Lagos state. I had both my primary and secondary school education in Lagos I.e born and bred in Lagos state. I attended Lagos state model college, Meiran- from the year 2006- 2012. I am from a family of five (5), the first born and the only girl of the family. My hobbies are reading, writing and learning new things. Presently, I'm a student of the institution "Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta", a 300 level student of the department hospitality and tourism. A cheerful and friendly person that believes so much in "determination" and "perseverance". My favourite quote is " what is worth doing at all, is what doing well."