We have all experienced it, that unsettled feeling in your stomach, the panic that overtakes you with no notice-FEAR. Everyone is inevitably afraid of something, its human nature.

A popular television show challenges contestants to face their fears, they face extreme conditions such as lying down in aquariums filled with crabs or snakes, jumping out of helicopters or eating live spiders or other insects. Most people who participate in the show do not do it because they want to have fun, but because of the $50,000 cash prize awarded at the end of the show. Eventually someone is challenged with a stunt that is too scary and they give up and walk away because of the inability to face their fear.

Life often brings fear to us, and many times we feel like a contestant given a seemingly impossible task, ready to give up and walk away, but we would do well to remember the words of Franklin Roosevelt the four-time president of the United States, that “one thing we must fear is fear itself, for indeed if we allow it to, it will control us. If we confront it, we will be masters of it”.

Fear is a very common phenomenon these days, though it has always been in existence. It dwells in the mind of people, and controls a lot of their decisions. According to different observations carried out, the female gender is more prone to fear, they tend to keep mute most times during times of important decision making due to the fear of not being listened to, and in most cases verbal abuse.

Females should learn to conquer their fear, because it affects many aspects of their lives, most especially their relationships. There are ladies who are in relationships that are not worthwhile, yet they continue in that unhappy relationship because of the fear of losing some benefits, of saying no, and most times for the fear of being alone. So they keep whirling in confusion and suffering, demoralising and devaluing themselves.

There are several ways through which fear can be conquered. Some of them are:

  1. Do not shy away from confrontation.
  2. Do not worry about past mistakes.
  3. Look fear in the eye.
  4. Get over guilt.
  5. Search for knowledge.
  6. Learn to think differently.
  7. Acquire good training.