Your Voter’s Guide for the Florida Midterm Elections 2018

The official general election takes place on November 6, 2018. It’s important to be an informed voter before heading to your precinct’s polling place. Many seats up for election vary by county, so check for a sample ballot online for information on those candidates. Below is a synthesis of the candidate platforms that will be appearing on all ballots across Florida:

United States Senator:

Rick Scott (REP): Advocates for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, opposes restriction on the Second Amendment with A+ rating from the NRA, signed bill to defund Planned Parenthood, will not comment on his stance on climate change, secured funding for environmental and protection in Florida, opponent of illegal immigration and favors action to secure the border.

Bill Nelson (DEM): Plans to keep and improve the Affordable Care Act, voted to support federal gun control and gun reform, voted to keep federal funding of Planned Parenthood, introduced legislation to allow for scientists to study climate change, voted for the protection of ocean and coastal ecosystems in Florida, supports immigration reform with tough border control.

Governor and Lieutenant Governor:

Ron DeSantis & Jeanette Nuñez (REP): Denounces the existence of Planned Parenthood, opposes restrictions of gun purchases, support repealing Affordable Care Act, opposes same-sex marriage, DeSantis will not label himself as believer or denier in climate change; supports the protection of Florida coasts, Everglades and water sources, supports protection of state legislation of marijuana legalization.

Andrew Gillum & Chris King (DEM): Support the funding of Planned Parenthood, favors strong gun laws, supports the expansion of the Affordable Care Act, opposes discrimination based on gender identity and supports same-sex marriage, acknowledges climate change as a threat, supports strengthening of environmental regulations and protection of natural resources and supports legalization of marijuana.

Darcy G. Richardson & Nancy Argenziano (REF): Support campaign finance reform, support strong funding and legislation of environmental protection across Florida ecosystems and drinking water sources, ensure availability of affordable health care, rigorous enforcement of existing gun laws and background checks, and investment in vocational education programs.

Kyle "KC" Gibson & Ellen Wilds (NPA): Support promoting healthy eating habits in schools, increased funding for mental health facilities, expansion of after-school programs, providing consistent funding to public education, creating of open primaries to those not party affiliated, investing in job placement programs and focusing on small business development.

Ryan Christopher Foley & John Tutton Jr. (NPA): Unfortunately, there is no information to be found concerning this campaign at this time!

Bruce Stanley & Ryan Howard McJury (NPA): Supports statewide fracking ban, opposes private prisons and favors prison reform, supports the legalization and regulation of cannabis, supports chartering a Florida state bank, would move to support a 100 percent transition to renewable energy, plans to institute mandatory GMO labeling, would move to improve civic engagement by making voting more accessible.


Courtesy: Miami-Dade County


Attorney General:

Ashley Moody (REP): Supports securing borders, is pro-life, supports fighting against the opioid epidemic, supports and seeks to fund law enforcement, opposes government involvement in religious freedoms, wants to create a competitive, free marketplace in Florida, supports the prosecution of human trafficking.

Sean Shaw (DEM): Supports gun safety laws, will aggressively prosecute human trafficking and Medicaid fraud, will take action against workplace discrimination, will prioritize looking out for the rights of workers over big special interests

Jeffrey Marc Siskind (NPA): Supports the legalization of medical marijuana, supports a woman’s right to choice, champions LGBT rights, protection for seniors, recognizing values held by the Native American population, supports heightened punishment on the unlicensed practice of law, implements the institution of regulations on telephone solicitations, supports the Second Amendment while supporting gun regulation, wishes to work toward balancing regulation and personal freedoms.

Chief Financial Officer:

Jimmy Patronis (REP): Will prioritize the rooting out of fraud, creating regulation and creating legislation on the handling of fraud within the use of cryptocurrency.

Jeremy Ring (DEM): Will prioritize protecting Florida’s retirement system, in favor of stabilizing the cost of insurance, passed legislation to establish funds and structures to aid in the creation of an innovative economy.

Commissioner of Agriculture:

Matt Caldwell (REP): Supports the Second Amendment, worked to improve the concealed weapons, will fight against tax increases, will institute a plan to create opportunities in vocational training education, created legislation that has constructed and helped operate regional water supply facilities, sponsored an expansion of the Everglades Forever Act, does not support off-shore drilling as long as it prevents the creation of a military training base, sponsor of bill supporting medical marijuana, opposes NAFTA, will stand up to ensure success of farmers.

Nicole "Nikki" Fried (DEM): Will implement new procedures and safeguards on concealed weapons permits, advocates for patient access to medical marijuana, will work to find a solution to the Citrus Greening disease of citrus fruit, will incentivize the creation of grocery stores in food desert areas, supports the funding of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan, will prioritize creating access to clean drinking water in rural communities.

Justice of the Supreme Court:

Alan Lawson: Seeking reappointment. Was appointed by Governor Scott in 2016. Earned conservative support in 2012 for being the sole dissenter in a ruling that allowed a child to have two legally recognized mothers.

Again, while these are the candidates that will be on your ballot, there are many other seats up for election including the following: mayor, circuit judges, city commissioners, soil and water district representatives, court of appeals judges, and a plethora of constitutional amendments. Do your research on these candidates and be prepared to vote for those who you feel will best serve your community. Voting is most effective when the people participate. The midterm elections are crucial, so go to the polls and let your voice be heard!