You like Ariana’s Hair? Gee Thanks, Forever 21 Stole It

Looks like they wanted it and they got it… illegally. Ariana Grande has sued Forever 21 for over $10 million for using her “name, likeness and other intellectual property without proper license” according to the official lawsuit. The campaign used a model who looks eerily similar to Ariana, high pony and all, which you can see below

Courtesy: CBC Kids News


Courtesy: CBC Kids News

To stir up even more drama (because they had to know what the risks they were getting into trying to beat a queen- Ariana currently has the highest Instagram following at 164 million, and still climbing), Forever 21 also replicated the entire Barbie-style theme of Ariana’s “7 Rings” music video in the campaign images. From using the same pink color scheme to the glamorous accessories to the space-buns headband and high pony, the advertisements display imitation at its finest. And to make the company’s intention even more clear, Forever 21 even directly quoting the “7 Rings” with the lyric “Gee thanks, just bought it,”.   

Courtesy: Tone Deaf

According to the ongoing lawsuit, “the resemblance is uncanny and Forever 21’s intent was clear: To suggest to the viewing public that Ms. Grande endorsed Forever 21, its products, and was affiliated with Forever 21.”  

Now you might wonder, “$10 million?! Isn’t that unnecessary for someone who already makes 6 figures?” 

Well, there’s a little more history to back it up: The tea didn’t start here.  

The “Breakup with Your Girlfriend” singer isn’t the first to accuse a brand of disregarding copyright laws. In 2018, Lindsay Lohan filed a lawsuit accusing the video game Grand Theft Auto V of using advertisements that including a character named Lacey Jones she believed resembled her a little too much, however, Lohan was unsuccessful in her claim. More recently, Kim Kardashian accused clothing company Missguided of not following copyright laws, ending with the company giving Kim $3 million for the act. 

To bring it back to the two currently at battle, the tension between Ariana and Forever 21 goes back to the quintessential release of the breakup anthem “Thank You, Next” in November. The popular retail brand reportedly proposed a partnership with Ariana, however, they refused to pay the amount of money Ariana asked for to give the licensing.

Reports say that sister location Riley Rose, which sells beauty and lifestyle products, was also included in the lawsuit.  

The company is currently preparing for consequences as severe as filing for bankruptcy. At the violated star’s request, they took down the images from the campaign (which include more than 30), but the repercussions won’t be that simple. 

To summarize, if Forever 21 is your go-to for updating your fall wardrobe, now would be the time to stock up your online shopping cart to the max before you have to say “Thank You, Next” to Forever 21 and Riley Rose and look elsewhere in the sea of trendy and college budget-friendly locations to fully prepare for 2019 pumpkin spice season. 

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