You Already Have a Spring Break Body

It’s that time of year again when the Internet is full of quick fix diets, workout routines and beach body inspo pictures, all in the name of spring break. Every fashion blog, Instagram account and online persona has an opinion on how we can lose the most weight in the shortest time possible. There are detox drinks, cleanses, ridiculous diets and intense fitness routines across every corner of every single one of our newsfeeds. But the answer to the ever-elusive “spring break body” is easier than you think and can be achieved in two easy steps:

1. Have a human body

2. Go on spring break

It’s that simple.

Courtesy: ModCloth


The idea that there is only a specific body type that can exist for one week in March when classes are out is an idea that should have been abandoned years ago or, better yet, never thought of at all. Because in reality, no diet or workout routine will actually help you lose 20 pounds in a week—at least not in a healthy way.

The thing about the perfect spring break body is that it’s unachievable. You can always be skinnier, more toned, have better legs or a flatter stomach. And there will always be more weight loss supplements, cleanse teas or workout guides to buy.

I am not against making choices to better yourself. If you are unhappy with your health and the way you feel, then make changes in your diet and take up exercise. What I am against is the way this hatred of our bodies is marketed to us. Advertising teams around the world are constantly finding new ways to prey on insecurities and turn our lowered self-esteem into a profitable business.

So, this spring break, instead of obsessing over your bikini bod, focus on some self love. We all know we could use a little extra this season.