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Working in the Midst of a Pandemic: From the Perspective of a College Student

While many college students are still figuring out the ins and outs of remote learning, others have mastered the art of online school while rolling in the dough. In the midst of a pandemic, finding a job may seem like the last thing on the minds of many college students. During a time of isolation and social distancing, Madison Poisall has not only been able to thrive in her classes, but is also working a part-time job. She is the embodiment of student dedication and stability in a time of chaos.

Her Campus (HC): Hi! What year are you and what is your major? 

Madison Poisall (MP): I am a sophomore at Florida State University studying Psychology!

HC: How has remote learning been for you?

MP: I only have one class through Zoom, and the rest are asynchronous. In the beginning, it was a bit of a challenge; making sure to keep a routine where I’m able to get all my work done was essential. It’s easy to put things off when you don’t have a set schedule to attend a class. 

HC: Did you work prior to college?

MP: I’ve been working in restaurants and the service industry since I was 16.

HC: What made you get a job now?

MP: I needed money for rent, car payments, insurance and other things. My scholarships wouldn’t cover everything.

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HC: Where are you currently working?

MP: I currently work as a server at a sushi restaurant.

HC: How has that been for you?

MP: I’ve definitely been working a lot, which has its pros and cons. It has made finding time to keep up with school more of a challenge, but I’m getting the hang of it. My weekdays usually comprise of me working and staying up to date on assignments. 

HC: How do you balance school and work?

MP: It’s not the easiest thing, but keeping a calendar of all my due dates and going over them every week to fit everything in has definitely been helpful. I also have to make sure to communicate with my bosses so they know when I’ll need days off to focus on school.

HC: What have your interactions with customers been like?

MP: For the most part all positive. I’ve met a lot of sweet people working in the service industry, and some not so sweet. It’s an occupational hazard. 

HC: What advice would you give to students in the same position, or who may want to get a job?

MP: Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into, and have a good idea of how much school work you’ll have each week and how much time you may need. It’s definitely a situation where you need good time management skills and discipline. Considering everything, if you need the money and can see yourself finding a balance, go for it.

HC: Is there anything you want customers to keep in mind when they stop by?

MP: I’m sure most customers can guess that I’m a student, and students are usually balancing a lot, so kindness is appreciated. With the virus, it’s kind of an iffy situation to work around many people, but as long as everyone is safe and considerate of one another things will go smoothly. Nice tips are also appreciated; we have rent to pay after all. 

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Economics Major at Florida State University from Tirana, Albania.
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