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The Women’s Student Union To Host Panel For Changes To Women’s Health Policy

The Women’s Student Union (WSU) aims at developing awareness towards students at Florida State University about women’s problems and to develop positive attitudes towards women’s health concerns. The organization focuses on actively acting upon women’s sexual discrimination inside the university community. They also lobby for security issues that affect women. WSU wants to unite all women with a common goal to increase individual self-growth and to address any issues that women face in today’s world. Anyone can join this organization, it is always open to anyone in the community. So, if you want to get involved and are interested in the empowerment of women, this is the right organization for you to join!

Courtesy: Women’s Student Union


The Women’s Student Union is hosting an event Tuesday, February 28th 2017 at 7:00-8:30pm in the Union Room 311E with a guest speaker, Haley Gentile, who will speak about some changes that are being made to women’s health policy and how it could impact a woman’s life. Considering the recent presidential election results, this event aims to remind everyone how important is to know the changes of the administration that are being made to women’s health care and how we should be aware of it. Haley Gentile will be there to answer any questions about sexual health, legislation and the current administration policies.

Ever since the change of the presidential administration many women are concerned about what will happen in the future in regards to women’s contraceptives and ways to protect women’s health. With this event, women have the opportunity to let their voice be heard in a society that is governed mostly by men.

Courtesy: Women’s Student Union

This organization doesn’t just strictly have to do with conferences and seminars, they also like to engage in social and fun activities as well! WSU has hosted other events in the past such as last week’s “WSU Presents: Galentine’s Day” where it was an event mainly to celebrate the love among your friends, especially women. The event hosted brunch and it also served as a way to meet new friends who have similar passions such as feminism. The event also had photo booths and Polaroid’s where you could take pictures!

Another event that WSU also hosted was “Girl’s Gone Political” in which all the girls gather and they talk anything political related, as well as, watching the past elections with goodies, such as popcorn and candy! They also hosted “ Don’t Tell Anyone: The Invincible Experience of Immigrant Women,” which was one of their big events. During this event, they talked about how immigrants impact our community and how they bring about their culture into society. The event also had a host of other organizations: The Asian American Student Union, The Hispanic Latino Student Union, Pride Student Union, Advocates for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, Indian Student Association, Caribbean Student Association, Puerto Rican Student Association, and Brazilian Student Association. All of these organizations shared their experiences as an immigrant or with immigrants and talked about their cultures.

Ultimately, the Women’s Student Union prides itself on advocating for women’s rights in a welcoming environment-no matter the event! Make sure to check out Haley Gentile this Tuesday to learn more about women’s health in the political context.

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