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Winter on Monday, Spring on Tuesday! How to Intermix Your Multi-Season Wardrobe in Tallahassee Weather

If you are a native to Florida, you know what I mean when I say that one day can be a frigid 28 degrees outside and the next can reach a comfortably warm 70 degrees. Tallahassee is known for having the most varying of temperatures. Over the summer, during my FSU college visit, it was so hot we couldn’t be outside without sweating profusely.  Two weeks ago, while walking to my 8am Math class, it was a staggering 19 degrees. While we can’t petition against good ol’ Mother Nature, there are ways of integrating wardrobe items from your winter apparel into your springtime style. Since the Groundhog showed no shadow this year, it looks like we are starting spring early. As we enter this transition period from cold to warm, our personal wardrobe style should not suffer.
Here are some key items you will need: a lightweight scarf, a sturdy zip-up jacket, a pair of boyfriend jeans, and any kind of practical flat shoes. Believe it or not, all of these things are very functional to wear in both the winter and the spring.

Scarves: A scarf can serve multiple purposes, such as comfort and warmth, but most importantly, fashion. Scarves make a statement and are an easy way to show off your personality. In the wintertime, it’s important to add that pop of color to your black and brown jackets. Then, in the springtime, you can wear the same scarf over a white v-neck for the warmer days or three quarter length scoop neck t-shirt for those days that are a little windy and cool. Some of my favorite places for scarves are J.Crew, Ann Taylor Loft, and Target.

Zip-up Fleece Jackets: We see them everywhere on campus, from season to season.  They really come in handy when it’s 28 degrees outside. North Face jackets have superb wind protection and cozy pockets for your hands.  But, when the temperature scales begin to reach the 70-degree mark, they are still a common wardrobe choice for many. It is not uncommon to see a girl walking around campus wearing a North Face jacket, a pair of athletic shorts, and sandals. In fact, this is has been a fully developed trend around campus for years. If you can’t afford a North Face, or don’t like their style, there are many other options that will serve the same purpose. For example, American Eagle has affordable and diverse selections of lightweight jackets.

Boyfriend Jeans: They are relaxed, slouchy, and trendy for girls of all sizes. What I like about Boyfriend jeans is that they have the ability to be left at full length for more coverage or rolled up and cuffed for those sunny, cool days. Their bagginess makes them very comfortable; however when you are wearing these jeans, remember to wear a more fitted shirt so you don’t really end up looking like your boyfriend. J.Crew and Gap have great options for Boyfriend jeans.

Shoes: I just recently acquired a pair of Sperry’s and I am in love with them! They look great with just about any kind of jean (especially Boyfriend!). A pair of cute flats also serves the same purpose, covering your foot in a comfortable and fashionable manner. Sperry’s are a great choice of shoe for both winter and spring. They look great with either jean shorts or pants and can be found in multiple department stores.
Have fun remixing your wardrobe. Happy Shopping!

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