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Why You Should Join a Sorority: From a Girl Who Swore She’d Never Be In One

Greek life has always been a hot topic centered around college life. Growing up, there were so many representations of what Greek life may look like. Many have strong perceptions of what Greek life is and represents, and it can be hard to veer away from these preconceived beliefs. I was interested in the thoughts of an individual who swore she would never join a sorority in the past and is now a very active member in her chapter. This is a junior here at Florida State University (FSU), but her name and chapter will remain anonymous. This is what she had to say.

Her Campus (HC): Tell me about your impression of a sorority before entering Greek life.

Anonymous (A): I definitely thought of a stereotypical girl who would be in a sorority, sort of the blonde, spray-tanned and very wealthy kind of image. I imagined you had to be in a sort of social class to be a part of Greek life, and I judged people for that. I mean I would look around my high school and think I knew exactly who would join a sorority. I never saw myself or my friends ever joining a sorority because I had an idea already in my head of what it was.

HC: What made you originally not want to join a sorority?

A: I thought a sorority was just paying for friends. That’s the only thing I saw it as, and I didn’t really understand the other benefits of joining a sorority.

HC: Why did you decide to go through recruitment?

A: I was a COVID-19 baby, so my first year in college was pretty rough, especially being out of state. I didn’t know anyone coming to this college, and I experienced my first year, not in Greek life. I honestly debated transferring because I just didn’t really like my experience. That could have been for a multitude of reasons, but I was just like you know what I’m going to give FSU one more shot. I’m going to register for recruitment. I just wanted to give it a chance.

HC: What were some of the things you were not expecting about being in a sorority?

A: I would say the plethora of opportunities and connections on campus. Being a part of a Greek organization honestly opens doors and gave me so many opportunities I never would have known about if it wasn’t for my sorority. I was also really surprised that a lot of people felt the same way. A lot of us didn’t really expect to join a sorority, and that was something that kind of brought us closer. I honestly couldn’t envision myself where I’d be without being in Greek life.

HC: What aspects of your sorority do you admire, and why would you recommend it to someone?

A: I admire the honesty and integrity of those in my chapter. I know that I could go up to anyone and they would be honest with me and be there for me. Even if I’m not that close with them, I know I can always trust someone with any issues or problems I’m having, whether in my personal life or within the chapter. I know I can go up to anyone with my concerns.

HC: I know you have some involvement in leadership in your sorority. What made you want to pursue that role?

A: Joining a sorority as a sophomore, I immediately felt behind. I mean everyone wants to beef up their resume before graduating. That was one of my concerns about joining a sorority because I wanted to get involved as soon as possible. I definitely wanted to get involved with leadership roles. I wasn’t super sure what exactly I wanted to do, but when I knew I wanted to stay in my chapter, I was 100% committed, and I wanted to see the chapter thrive. I wanted to leave an impact on both my chapter now and for generations to come. I wanted to inspire the people coming in.

HC: Are there any aspects of Greek life you feel could be better, and do you have any thoughts on how that could be possible?

A: This is a loaded question. There are a lot of different things Greek life needs to improve, however, I will say that FSU has come a long way. Greek life has become more diverse, inclusive and unified, but there is so much more that needs to be done. I think that right now it’s very centered on Panhellenic and Interfraternity Council, and Greek life is more than just these two organizations. I think that it’s important that we make space for organizations like National Pan-Hellenic Council and Multicultural Greek Council.

HC: To people who are in the same boat you used to be in, what information or advice would you want to give them?

A: It’s actually really funny, the person who convinced me to go through recruitment was a part of the family I babysit for. She didn’t even go to college, but she told me that this is the one opportunity I will be able to join a sorority. She said I really need to take advantage of that. I think it’s really important to live in the moment. Honestly, it’s a huge financial and time investment, and I definitely think it’s worth it.

The idea of joining something with such a big commitment can be a daunting one, but hopefully, this interview shed some light on what a sorority can bring.

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