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Why You Should Get Involved With On-Campus Organizations

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Whether you’re a wide-eyed freshman beaming with new-found freedom after moving away from home or a returning senior reminiscing all of the things you should’ve and could’ve done, get out there and get involved this semester!  One of the most advantageous and awesome aspects of college is the numerous clubs, teams and organizations that cater to your interests and are just waiting for you to join.

My saving grace as an incoming freshman at Florida State University was the Involvement Fair. I was completely overwhelmed by dorm life, class schedules, declaring a major, no curfew, new friends, infinite cute boys, Nite Nole trips to Coli (RIP), Bajas 6 for 1 drink specials and Tallahassee’s late-night munchies scene that I didn’t know what to do with myself. I had tried Greek Life and decided it wasn’t for me but still wanted my own niche within this big bad campus to call home. This is exactly when I found the Surf and Wakeboarding Club.

Through word of mouth around my dorm, I heard of this ‘Involvement Fair’, which is normally the second week of each semester and held at the Union. After looking over the club roster at FSU and taking note of all the organizations that sparked my interests I knew I had to go, so I grabbed my random roommate (now bff) and we waltzed our way through the endless opportunities. It’s there where I met all the friendly faces of some of my favorite on-campus organizations and learned just how I too could be a part of them.

Fast-forward four years and I have made some of the best memories, gone on some of the most incredible trips, been a part of immensely beneficial philanthropic events, dominated in several IM sports, had opportunities for positions of leadership (build that résumé!), gotten involved with other clubs and most importantly found my people! I had no idea how much joining an on-campus organization would positively impact my college experience and now cannot fathom a career at FSU without it.

Courtesy: FSU Surf and Wake Club

Whether you’re also stoked about shredding, have a knack for table tennis, or just really love Yahtzee, Florida State has a group of equally psyched students eagerly waiting for you to get involved. Even though this semester’s Involvement Fair has already taken place, take a peek at Nole Central to see what’s out there or check out social media pages on Facebook to stay in touch with upcoming events. Market Wednesdays are also always filled with different organizations looking to recruit people just like you.

It’s not too late until you graduate! So don’t walk but run to the next meeting for Sketch Comedy, Anhelo Tango, Hip-Hop Culture, Microbiology, Girl Scouts, Scuba Diving, Kiteboarding or whatever else gets your gears going! A world of opportunity awaits you! It’s 2018! Getting involved is cool, kids!  

Her Campus at Florida State University.