Why You Should Be Watching "Next in Fashion" on Netflix

Over the years, the fashion industry has been no stranger to the reality-television screen. Shows like Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model have dominated the industry and have given fashion a place to thrive on a mainstream platform. In recent years, however, there hasn’t been a new show giving a fresh take on design and modeling. After the recent launch of Netflix’s new show, Next in Fashion, that’s all about to change.

Next in Fashion is a fashion competition show where top up-and-coming designers compete in pairs in weekly challenges for $250,000 to invest in their brand. The show is filmed in Los Angeles and hosted by Tan France from Netflix’s Queer Eye and British designer and model, Alexa Chung. Although the concept may seem similar to Project Runway, their take is fresh and more oriented on producing runway-ready looks that meet each challenge requirement. Each week there is a new sub-genre of fashion that the designers get two days to construct a look for. Categories can include streetwear, underwear, suit wear and more.

Courtesy: Decider

With designers from all backgrounds as competitors, it is almost guaranteed that each team will have a completely different take on each challenge. The styles of these designers range from LA streetwear to high-end men’s suit wear and everything in between. Designers from London, Italy, New York, Los Angeles and more have come together to not only make the show culturally diverse but give different perspectives on the fashion industry. What makes these teams so interesting is that some have been working together for years in the industry while some have just met in the context of the show. Without giving too much away, it definitely leads to tension as well as unlikely success as the show progresses.

The show is set up to present the theme for the week, give the contestants two days of workroom time, a model fitting and an immediate runway followed by a team elimination. Aside from the main hosts and judges, Tan and Alexa, there are also weekly guest judges that are top designers in the industry. After each runway, each contestant gets to talk to the judges and discuss their vision backstage. Each runway presented is clearly flooded with talent, so it is no question that they have brought the best of the best to compete for the show. With many contestants being up-and-coming in the industry, the stakes are high because the prize could be a great deal to kickstart a new brand.

Courtesy: Vice

While it is a reality show, it does a great job of straying away from unnecessary drama while focusing on the main topic of fashion design. The show keeps a highly entertaining element and has emotional appeal as they take a deeper dive into each contestant, making it very easy to get invested with only 10 episodes of content. As the show progresses, it does get more technical with topics of the fashion design industry, however, they are able to explain each element for any audience member to enjoy and follow.

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