Why You Need to Listen to LM5

The newest album from Little Mix is finally here and it’s safe to say it was worth the wait. This album ushers in a new era of women empowerment from the all-girl UK-based group. All four lovely ladies have always been huge proponents of women’s empowerment, equal rights and opportunities for women, but this album elevates their determination to a whole new level.

The fifth studio album from the X-Factor alums has shocked the world with its blatant demand for respect and opportunities for women all across the globe. After having been in the public eye since 2011, the girls have faced ridicule from just about every outlet possible whether it’s the press, television, social media or other celebrities. This album proves that nothing can break down their spirit and their passion to create music and be completely themselves.

Courtesy: Paltrona VIP


The girl group made quite the statement when they released a promotional picture depicting them completely unclothed and covered in harsh words they have been called such as “fat,” “ugly,” “slutty” and “talentless.” The image was meant to represent that words are only skin deep and that the constant mockery from the public cannot and will not break them down.

One person who has been especially vocal about his disdain for the girl group is British TV presenter Piers Morgan. After having tweeted about how Little Mix is supposedly using sex and their bodies to sell their music, he faced an immense backlash from Twitter and the Princess of Pop, Ariana Grande. Ariana quickly came to the defense of Little Mix and taught Piers that “women can be sexual AND talented. Dignified and naked. It’s our choice.”  The girls sing about being ridiculed publicly on their song “Wasabi” and how trash-talking them only brings them more publicity because they are still the topic of conversation. Talk about strong independent women, am I right?

One big influence behind this album was the girls’ personal relationships and how they've been put on blast for the world to see. One example was Perrie’s very public engagement and subsequent break-up with former One Direction star Zayn Malik. The girls have taken all the negative press they have received over the past seven years and turned it into art through their music. The songs on this album are especially genuine and honest when it comes to being an empowered woman in a relationship and learning to not let your relationships define you.

The girl group has also already released a series of music videos from this album all featuring incredible female artists like Nicki Minaj, Kamille and Sharaya J. The music video for their song “Strip” has quickly become a hit on the internet because of the diversity of women featured in it and the uplifting message it sends to all women everywhere. It’s reached 9 million views in just a week and its good reception just goes to show how inspiring these girls are and how this new album is conquering the music industry one hit at a time! I mean seriously, if you haven’t gotten into Little Mix yet, now is definitely the time!

Courtesy: Billboard