Why Winter Is Hands Down the Best Season

Pack away your razors ladies. It’s winter! It’s about time us girls bring out the leggings, keep ourselves fashionable and warm in our UGG boots, look fabulous with our non-frizzy hair thanks to no humidity, and go home for the holidays! The three months of winter can mean something different to everyone, but for me, it’s the three-month break between me and my razor. It’s the most liberating time of the year and an unusual pro of winter. The time girls aren’t expected to shave. If you’re a girl, you know what I mean. Here are some more pros that are only present during the winter:

You don’t have to shave.

We covered this one and yes, it’s true. Although you never have to do something you don’t want to do, this one is almost expected of us girls. It’s our right! Like I said, it’s the most liberating time of the year. Girl power!

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You can’t get judged for wearing oversized clothing.

Winter is about layering, and your fav outfit of oversized sweatpants with the hoodie that reaches to your fingertips is totally acceptable. And if you’re from South Florida, this may be your quickest solution when looking into your beachwear, cropped tops and shorts filled closet.

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Cold weather burns calories by setting your fat in motion.

Yeah, you heard that right. You can EAT MORE. Not to get too technical, but we all have white and brown fats and the brown fats are set in motion by the decrease in temperature, helping your body burn the calories of the fat more quickly. Have you heard anything so great before Thanksgiving dinner?

No more damn mosquitos.

If you live in Florida, this one is land on your knees, raise your hands while shouting “YES” into the airworthy and totally encouraged.

Your hair doesn’t frizz.

Bye-bye humidity and frizzy hair! Along with not having to shave, having non frizzy hair follows behind at a close second. I live for the colder months where styling my hair will not go to waste once I step outside of my apartment into the wet, sticky hair caused by humidity. And no humidity means you can go an extra day without washing your hair since the oils in your hair aren’t being provoked by the humidity. During the winter is when I’m at my prime. My hair stays straight, I can cover up my winter body up nicely while still looking fashionable, and I don’t have to shave. Can it be winter year round?


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You can wear makeup.

Another thing humidity ruins, especially in Florida, is your makeup! How many mornings have you stepped outside after putting on makeup and instantly felt your skin soak up the water in the air, causing your makeup to slide and look oily. Yeah, I know makeup setting sprays exist, but sometimes there is no match against Florida humidity.

So whether you’re a native of the cold or a South Floridian, these pros will help you survive and adjust to the winter months ahead of us!