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As we all may know, Rihanna has been on the cover of many tabloids and magazines, as well as receiving recognition for all that she has accomplished this past year. From her Fenty beauty line that continues to expand, to her lingerie line that has been acknowledged for its affordable high-quality made products, it’s safe to say that Rihanna has been on a high roll of achievements, that have put her at the top of the game. However, Rihanna’s success didn’t come overnight. This is an empire that has been built upon since 2009 when she was reportedly nearly bankrupt.

Rihanna’s success didn’t come quick, which in turn pushed her to want to do better and learn how to get back on her A-game. And that is why I will be sharing the top five reasons that make Rihanna such a boss b*tch.

1. Fenty Beauty made over 100 million dollars in sales in the first weeks.

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From lip glosses to 40 varying shades of foundation, Rihanna teamed up with LVMH to create makeup products that have forever changed the beauty industry. Not only is she creating new products that have challenged the industry in regards to the availability of skin-tone shades but she’s also used her own following to promote her products so they can wear good quality. Did I also mention she now has “Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters”? Iconic.

2. Savage x Fenty lingerie = the best lingerie

Courtesy: GVA

If you haven’t bought any of Riri’s products at this point, then this is the sign that you should go purchase her lingerie because not only is it super cute and sexy but have y’all seen the quality? Besides the point, Rihanna has not only made these products super eccentric and sexy but she also made them really affordable so we can all look good! The part that made the launch of this lingerie line so meaningful, at least to me, is the body inclusivity statement she made at the debut fashion show for her line. Not only did she include models of all shapes and sizes but she even had a pregnant model owning the catwalk!

3. Launching of fashion house Fenty

Courtesy: SCMP

As if having two overly successful businesses wasn’t enough, the pop star announced this past May that she will be launching a fashion house based in Paris with LVMH. It is through this brand that Rihanna hopes to raise the bar and show the fashion industry how it’s done when breaking barriers and social constructs. It’s high fashion, its luxury, it speaks and holds Rihanna’s energy. Period.

4. She is The World’s Richest Female Musician

Courtesy: 96.9 KISS FM

Read that statement again NOW. Yup, mmm-hmm. You read that right. Rihanna has made it happen again and again. This past year, she was named by Forbes as “The World’s Richest Female Musician” and it’s all thanks to her $600 million fortune that she created for the past year or two. Forbes has also named her to be “the first black woman in charge of a major luxury fashion house.” As if her success in the music industry and winning nine Grammy’s wasn’t enough, Rihanna has made it clear that she came to work and she showed out.

5. She’s a woman like no other

Courtesy: EWN

Although she may have had overflowing success and fame, that still won’t stop her from working. She’s made it clear again and again that she’s going to hustle her way to the top and she won’t ever stop. She made this clear when she stated how money “is not going to stop me from working.” She’s not in competition with other women but instead in competition with who she was yesterday. Rihanna is the epitome of a woman who uplifts other women and knows how to achieve her dreams by working hard.

Rihanna may have struggled in 2009 but it never stopped her from pursuing her dreams and aspirations. Instead, that motivated her to do better, work a little harder and to push herself to new limits. She is the epitome of a woman who has gone through hell and back but still managed to make it out better than ever. Her perseverance, talent and integrity are unmatched, thus making her a boss we can all look up to and take notes from. Also, keep a lookout for “R9”.

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