Why It’s So Important to Put Yourself First, Always

After years of being told what needs to be prioritized – school, work, family, friends, etc. – I’ve finally realized what actually needs to be first on the list: me. 

Courtesy: Tumblr

In college it’s easy to depend our happiness on things rather than ourselves. We start depending on our grades to feel smart, what sorority we get into, what boy we’re talking to or how many Instagram likes we get to feel pretty. We forget that we are more than those things and in a few years, none of that will even matter (some don’t even matter now). Putting our physical and mental health first should always be our priority. When you shine on the inside, you will shine on the outside. You and others will feel the difference when your happiness is depending solely on you. Imagine being in the driver’s seat and being in full control of your life; that is self-love. Never be afraid to spend time alone because that is when you get to know the things you love about yourself, your fears, likes and dislikes, passions and maybe even get insight into what you want to do for the rest of your life. No boy or friend will ever tell you what kind of person you are – only you can define that.

My biggest fear is one day to be old and think “I lived my life according to other people and was never able to accomplish what I wanted.” Even when you are married and have a family, you cannot forget about yourself. You need to fill yourself up with so much love so that you can spread love to others.

Ways to prioritize you:

1. DON’T be so hung up on waiting for a text back or an ask to formal; put thoughts about boys off to the side. You have your whole life to worry about your husband; this time is for you alone.

2. DON’T expect things from others.

3. DO focus on school, but don’t let it affect your mental well-being.

4. DO meditate or try out yoga.

5. DO write a list of things you’ve always wanted to accomplish or even try out (picnic, yoga or visiting that cute coffee shop on Gaines Street).

6. DON’T go places or do things just to put them on social media, do it for the experience.

7. DO remember that if you depend on someone else for happiness, you will never be fulfilled; everyone loves in different ways.

Prioritizing yourself may take time to accomplish, but trust the process and eventually it will become a habit.