Why I Switched From Apple Music to Spotify

If you are avid in your brand loyalty to Apple or maybe it came with your phone plan, either way, you know the turmoil and teasing that comes with being an Apple Music user in a friend group. I too spent long nights attempting to justify why I thought that Apple Music was okay to deal with, and in the end, even I had to come to the truth, it wasn’t all that impressive.

In terms of aesthetic, sure it was pleasing enough with Apple’s iconic sleek white look, but when it came down to expanding my taste beyond the same four bands I was met with a hard path. Apple Music provides an easy place to find music that you already know and love, but many of their ‘curated’ playlists and genre search options only pop up with mainstream bands. So when you’re someone trying to expand and learn about the music culture going on it can be too intense to make the search all on your own.

apple music Unsplash

No, my roommate did not hold back in her constant jabs about how “Apple Music sucks,” and maybe she did have a bit of influence in me making the inevitable switch. When I finally did sit down to make myself a Spotify account I was met with a lot of anxiety. Where and how do you even start curating a music playlist as my friends had? Sure, they had been loyal Spotify users since middle school and on, but did that mean I would have to wait that long to start finding new music?

Not. At. All.

I would go as far as to say within the first week I was already finding new artists that gave me obsessions for finding local concerts and other tour dates that I could get my hands on. With its carefully made playlists and mixes it’s easy to just tap one and find an amazing array of music that you both already know and don’t, all of which are mixed quite nicely.

This does not include the ‘Discover Weekly’ which is a mixtape of new music for you to sit back and relax with. Most listens in the weekly playlist has to lead me down a rabbit hole of music, clicking from one artist profile to the next. I’ve also found that when going through an artist or band’s profile, Spotify seems to have more thoughtful options for finding a related artist. Rather than base relations on similar genres, Spotify uses its user population to create options of similar artists through the fans themselves and their music preferences.

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Now, I’m not trying to also pressure you into making the switch, I understand how the teasing can get to you. With identical pricing for both music application, it only comes down to your goals. If you’re content with the music that you listen to then who cares what you have, the most important thing to remember is that you enjoy yourself and vibe with the tunes you have and the ones to come.


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