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Why I’m Getting the COVID Vaccine ASAP

Congratulations America! It’s now the year 2021, and guess what. . . we are STILL in a pandemic! I’m sure we all did not see this still being a thing, but with tons of people still not following state guidelines or state governments just flat out deciding to ignore a whole pandemic (cough, cough @ Governor Desantis), unfortunately, we the people, must continue to suffer. However, with all the issues that are amiss today, there is still a dim light at the end of the tunnel, at least with the new COVID vaccine that was announced this past year and has since started to be distributed.

For me, this vaccine is that sliver of hope, but I know for many others, just the thought of getting the vaccine makes them run for the hills in fear. Especially since there are so many devoted “scientists” making up propaganda and conspiracy stories to continue to spread false information and incite that fear. So, I am here today to let y’all know why I decided I would get the vaccine when I can, provide the research that helped me decide and give you the real facts so you can be better informed and this pandemic can finally be over with.

1. This vaccine has one of the most natural ingredients lists ever!

This is my number one reason for why I decided this vaccine was safe. The ingredients list is more natural and healthy for people than a box of Kraft mac-n-cheese. Literally! The list is as follows:

  • mRNA: genetic material that contains instructions for making proteins.
  • lipids: (4-hydroxybutyl)azanediyl)bis(hexane-6,1-diyl)bis, (2-hexyldecanoate), 2 [(polyethylene glycol)-2000]-N,N-ditetradecylacetamide,1,2-Distearoyl-snglycero-3- phosphocholine,cholesterol]
  • salts [potassium chloride, monobasic potassium phosphate, sodium chloride, dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate
  • sugar

I know that all those scientific words can be intimidating, but let’s look at the breakdown. The mRNA is the only active ingredient, and according to Hackensack Meridian Health, “The mRNA molecules contain the genetic material that provides instructions for our body on how to make a viral protein that triggers an immune response within our bodies. The immune response is what causes our bodies to make the antibodies needed to protect us from getting infected if exposed to the coronavirus.” Hackensack Meridian Health continues by explaining that the lipids, which are fatty acids, are used to kind of grease the outside of the mRNA to protect it and also to provide the molecules an easy way to slide into the cells. The salts are added to help balance the acidity of one’s body and the sugar is added to help the molecules maintain their shape when frozen.

2. The side effects are incredibly similar to flu shot side effects.

[bf_image id="b85xj3f5bxrn77hnj2w9zhj"]

According to Medical News Today, the side effects of the covid vaccine that may affect one in 10 people are “pain at the injection site, tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills, joint pain, nausea and fever.” In comparison, the flu shot side effects are soreness or redness from the shot, fever, headache, nausea and muscle aches. To me, I’d rather deal with a headache and some muscle pains instead of not being able to breathe and relying on a ventilator in a hospital for days. Plus, these side effects happen because your body is building immunity to the viruses to protect you!

3. I really want to go out.

For my last reason...I just really want to go out. I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but I have not been out to a major party or club since March of 2020 when this whole thing started. Even though Desantis decided to let the bars and clubs open up again doesn’t mean the pandemic is over and we should all be out celebrating “sylly week.” Either way, whatever you decide to do with your life, make sure you practice social distancing, protect yourself and others with a mask, and please think for yourself and do your own research as well.

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Mia is a sophomore student at Florida State University majoring in Criminology with the hopes of going to law school. Mia enjoys movies, music, soccer, and being with her friends and family.
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