Why I Love Jim from The Office (and Why You Should Too!)

I’ve been in love with Jim Halpert since I was twelve years old. For those Collegiettes who do not know, Jim Halpert (who is played by John Krasinski) is a fictional character on the NBC show The Office. I have been a loyal fan of The Office from the very beginning. The summer going into eighth grade my family took a trip to New York City in which I had the hope that somehow I would run into John Krasinski on the streets of New York (a long shot I know, especially since they don’t even film in New York, but in Los Angeles). I didn’t get to meet John Krasinski that summer; however, I did end up purchasing two “I Love Jim” shirts from the NBC Store. The show was not super popular in the beginning, so I had a lot of people stop and ask me who Jim was. Now, The Office is so popular, that rarely do I get that question anymore. Years later, I am re-watching The Office on Netflix and I’m reminded of all the things I love about Jim. Here are 10 moments that made me love the character Jim above all other fictional characters and why he should be number one on your list of fictional characters you would marry.

1. He’s honest about his feelings.

Jim told Pam that he was in love with her while she was engaged to Roy. He didn’t let her engagement get in the way of telling her how he felt. At that point, he just wanted her to know over anything else.

2. He’s amazing at pulling pranks.

My personal favorite prank Jim pulled was when he impersonated Dwight for a day. What’s not to love about a coworker that spends time pulling pranks to make you laugh at the office?

3. He’s a goofy dancer

How can you not find his dorky moves cute?

4. He is willing to dress up in quirky outfits

The moment when Jim dressed up as Popeye the Sailor because Pam wanted him to be Popeye to her Olive Oyl, even though he’s never been a “costume guy”.  

5. He’s absolutely adorable

Jim is the definition of tall, dark and handsome!

6. He's sweet

On Jim and Pam’s wedding day, Pam accidently breaks off a piece of her veil. Jim makes her feel better by cutting off a piece of his tie. 

7. His love for Pam

Even though it’s not me he loves, I get goosebumps just watching his love for Pam. She means the absolute world to him. 

8. He's hilarious

He has a great sense of humor. Jim can be sarcastic, ironic or hilarious at any time. 

9. His trademark smirk

During the entire nine season run, Jim’s smirk never lost its touch. 

10. He never ceases to amaze with his surprises

Jim surprised Pam (and the viewers) when he proposed to her after they made a pit stop at a gas station. He told Pam he couldn’t wait and had to do it at that moment.

For all the Collegiettes out there who are either in a relationship funk or just tired of the entire college dating scene, have faith that one day you will find your very own version of Jim Halpert out there. Every now and then I go back to watching re-runs of The Office just to watch the relationship of Jim and Pam unfold and grow. Jim and Pam are a great example of relationship goals!