Why Emma Chamberlain Is My Social Media Hero

As a person who spends an unsettling number of hours glued to her laptop screen watching YouTube, I have been exposed to many content creators on the platform. Although each creator has their own unique personality, the content produced inevitably becomes intertwined and repetitive. Because YouTube is such a growing platform with new creators every day, it can be hard to compete or even stay afloat.   However, one creator in particular, has such a rare ability to not only set the trends for content but to do it with such authenticity. In just a few short months, Emma Chamberlain completely changed the game in social media influencing and has set a new standard for content creation.

Although this is not intended to promote her content (as if she needed it), I feel there are certain elements of her social media presence that are so notable that they can be applied to any person looking to enter the world of social media as a sustainable career. Emma Chamberlain started her influencer journey on YouTube back in 2017. Her rapid rise to fame, with a jump of over 100,000 subscribers in just a few months, was seemingly unheard of and made me not only curious, but intrigued. As I began to watch her videos, I noticed something so unique to any YouTuber I had ever seen. Unlike most influencers, Chamberlain’s content strays away from aesthetic and perfection. Giving minimal thought to her appearance in her videos, using basic edits for comedic effect, and overall producing chaotic content is what makes her videos so great, in my opinion. Her videos thrive on authenticity and focus on the reality of life, which is that it is messy.

This theme of presenting her life as comedic reflects on her Instagram account as well. Chamberlain balances her feed with quirky, casual pictures and high-end editorial shoots. She proves to not only her fans and followers that she can do it all, but she is also proving it to big companies that are taking notice of her. Despite her large following of 8.5 million subscribers and 8.2 million Instagram followers, she is not the traditional candidate for a brand deal/sponsorship. She uses explicit language in her videos, she doesn’t feel the need to be glamorous every time she steps in front of the camera, but, instead, she is unapologetically herself. Which begs the question, how does she do it?

Courtesy: @emmachamberlain

Just in the past year, Chamberlain has worked with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Crap Eyewear, Vogue and Calvin Klein (all while just turning 18). Aside from constantly asking myself, “why not me?” I try to analyze what makes Emma Chamberlain the name these huge companies want. Her eye for fashion is apparent with every post as she plays with colors, trends and aesthetics. It is evident with every outfit that she uses her style as a reflection of her personality. Her Instagram feed, for example, has no set filter or theme but, instead, it is chaotic. I use chaotic in the most admirable tone because she makes it work so well. She uses Instagram as a portfolio for her style and personality instead of an airbrushed perception of reality.

Courtesy: @emmachamberlain

Although she faces a lot of criticism for being perceived as annoying or basic, her band of followers are a force to be reckoned with. As one of these followers (and admirers), it is only fair to give credit where credit is due. Emma Chamberlain has redefined social media in her target audience. She is quirky in a cool way, entertaining in a contagious way, and fashionable uniquely. There is no one on these platforms who can do what she does because she is too herself for anyone to replicate. She is simply doing her, and the authenticity pays off in her success which makes her a social media hero.

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