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Why Adopting A Dog Is Better Than Buying One

I recently stumbled upon someone in the FSU Free and For Sale group with the post, “Pure Bred American Pitbull Terriers- $800.” I questioned his price and he said that the stud is a pure bred American Pitbull Terrier. As arguments ensued, he later admitted the puppies had no papers and neither of the parents had medical background checks. This struck a chord in me because there are countless Pitbulls without papers at the shelter for less money than this breeder was asking for!

Regardless of what this breeder was asking for, there are an overwhelming amount of dogs in shelters. There are so many dogs there to the point where they are being euthanized because of lack of space in the shelter. I’m not trying to discourage someone from buying a dog or cat and I’m not bashing breeders- that isn’t the point of this article. People have their reasons for going to breeders and people have their reasons for breeding. I’m trying to stress the fact that there are so many animals looking for a loving home whom live under the ticking clock of euthanization. In Tallahassee alone, there is a 25% euthanization rate. This means that 25% of dogs that enter a shelter are killed. Thankfully, there are hundreds of non-kill shelters, but there dogs live on a concrete slab until they are adopted out.

On the other hand, there are hundreds and thousands of animals that were adopted from a shelter that are living long and healthy lives. I’m not saying that bought puppies are going to be horrible dogs! They’re probably going to be great dogs, but in my opinion, shelter dogs are a better investment. 

*All photos are dogs that were adopted by FSU Her Campus Staff Writers and Editors*

This is my rescued dog, Bandit. He was a stray in Atlanta, Georgia, and the rescue group that picked him up informed us he was only days away from euthanization. I’m so happy I ended up adopting such a perfect animal. 

This is Jett Black. Alayna Chotos and her family adopted him when he was seven months old from a South Florida shelter. Alayna loves this dog so much, she considers him a son!

This is Cassi Mihokovich with her puggle, Dewey, at the Tampa Bay Ray’s game (hence the uniform). Dewey snuggles up with Mom every night!

And with these success stories I have complied the reasons why adopted dogs are better than a puppy purchased from a breeder or a puppy mill:

– If you are adopting a dog from a shelter or a rescue you are saving a life.  

– When adopting a dog, you will know their health problems beforehand. When you buy a puppy, the seller wants to sell the dog so they won’t warn you about the previous health issues.

– Purebred animals are known to be inbred. There are countless health problems with inbred dogs.

– You’re not going to spend your life fortune on the purchase of the dog.

– Shelter dogs will love you unconditionally because they know you saved them.

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