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Admit it, watching The Bachelor is the only thing motivating you to get through each Monday. Don’t deny the fact that fantasizing about dating the Bachelor helps you finish out the rest of your week. Okay, maybe it’s not that intense. However, I do know that you’re probably curious as to which lead of The Bachelor could’ve been your perfect match. 

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Get your roses ready because this quiz is about to tell you which Bachelor is your dream man!

1. What is your perfect first date?

A. A spa day

B. Skydiving

C. Going to a concert

D. A quick one-day road trip

2. What food are you most likely to snack on with your significant other?

A. Pancakes

B. Homemade cookies

C. Ants on a log

D. Chips and guacamole

3. Which animal would you want to take home to bae?

A. Turtle

B. Dog

C. Dolphin

D. Sloth

4. If you could travel anywhere in the world with your s/o, where would you go?

A. New York

B. Costa Rica

C. Finland

D. Singapore

5. Which pair of shoes would you wear on a casual date?

A. Air Force 1

B. Sandals

C. Converse

D. Doc Martens

Write down which answer choice you picked the most and view your results below.

If you answered mostly A’s…

Your perfect Bachelor match is: Matt James—Season 26

Matt might be the most familiar to you, and that’s a good thing. Get ready for many yoga and gym dates, as this athlete is a former college football player. He loves his mama, which means he’ll be reciprocating all that love to you too! I hope you like to snack because he’s also the face of ABC’s Food Tours, a nonprofit philanthropy organization. Matt loves kids too, which is an added bonus for any future family plans. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this one, if you know what I mean.

If you answered mostly B’s… 

Your perfect Bachelor match is: Peter Weber—Season 25

Peter is the love-crazy pilot we all know and love. The perks of dating a pilot is that he can take you anywhere you want to go at any time. Do you hear a Greece honeymoon too? He may be a bit dorky, but in a cute way. You probably love going to the beach, and it just so happens that this guy comes from sunny California. I hope you’re good with first impressions. If you can get on Mama Weber’s good side, you just might be able to snatch this mama’s boy away from home.

If you answered mostly C’s…

Your perfect Bachelor match is: Nick Viall—Season 21

Nick is a genuine Wisconsin boy who’s just right for you. I can see you two going on a jog together every morning, as he used to run track. You probably don’t mind a bit of an age difference as Nick is one of the older Bachelors to be on the show. With his business career and charms, you two will have a very happy and successful life. You like the romantic and mature types, so get ready for Nick to sweep you off your feet.

If you answered mostly D’s…

Your perfect Bachelor match is: Colton Underwood—Season 23

Colton is undeniably your perfect match. He’s a former NFL player, which means you two will spend your Sundays watching flat screens and eating loads of queso. You two will make the world a better place, as Colton started his own charity to raise funds for people with cystic fibrosis. You lucked out with this one because this guy is most likely going to give you every piece of him, even his virginity. But be careful, he’s had some spicy breakups that may come back to haunt you.

I hope you enjoyed this quiz! The only thing left to ask is, will you accept this rose?

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Courtney is a junior at Florida State University. She is currently earning her Bachelor of Science in Marketing. Her passions include writing, going to the beach, and surfing Pinterest while she should be studying. Find her on instagram: @courtneyl.s
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