Where to Find All of Your Childhood Latino Staples in Tallahassee

For all of you Noles from South Florida, finding your classic staples from home may be difficult in this semi Southern town of Tallahassee. I guarantee that most of your favorites are still accessible in your college town and that your parents don’t really need to be sending you spices in your care packages or a mini-fridge worth of meals when they come to visit.


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Hygiene first, right? If you grew up in any Latino household, the sweet scent of purple Fabuloso will remind you of waking up to the sound of Gloria Esteban singing on a Sunday morning. In college, the scent of Fabuloso cleaner will get rid of months-worth of grime within minutes. If you are sensitive to any kind of scented product, this is definitely not the cleaner for you. In Tallahassee, you can find Fabuloso at the Walmart on Monroe St.

Affordable Avocados

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Avocados are a crucial side to any dish. Recently, I’ve seen avocados priced all the way at $4 each!! I’m looking at you, Greenwise Publix. However, there is no more need to fear since avocados are priced at $1.50 each at Trader Joe’s on Thomasville Rd. They also have a ton of produce at really great prices!

Harina P.A.N (Arepa Mix)

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Finding arepa mix in Tallahassee sounds mythical. But the rumors are true, the bags of harina P.A.N are sitting on the shelves of the Publix on Ocala Rd. Not only that, but they have a variety. Whether you like yellow, white or sweet arepas, the options are here. With only a cup of hot water, your arepas from home can be your new college staple. They’re also gluten-free!


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Once again, Publix and Walmart are here to save the day with all of your must-have canned goods. Most importantly, you can say goodbye to the days of no seasoning at Suwannee, they also have Sazon Completa and Sazon Goya! With this alone, you can make a full meal based on all of your favorites from back home.

Tequeños, Empanadas, Pan de Bonos and Bunuelos

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After getting your Goya classics in the canned goods aisle, don’t forget to wander into the frozen foods. There you’ll find all of your favorite cheese-filled fried snacks, not all Goya. Grab as many as can fit into your freezer!


Courtesy: Scott Clemons

Publix also has Jarritos! The picture above represents all of the different flavors of Jarritos available at the Publix in Tally. I highly recommend the pineapple and tamarind flavors. They’re also only 99 cents and in recyclable glass bottles! Go grab one!

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