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Astrology has been a major topic in pop culture for decades now. While it’s common to know all about sun signs (i.e., “I’m a Pisces”), it’s far less common to know about the other planets in one’s own birth chart. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’ll be discussing Venus, the planet of love.

For those less versed in astrology, the stars were aligned in a very specific way at the exact moment you were born. At that moment, the 12 constellations known as “zodiacs” were each stationed at a certain point in the solar system. If you’re a Pisces (like me), the sun was closest to the Pisces constellation when you were born. If you’re an Aquarius, the sun was closest to the Aquarius constellation, and so on.

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That being said, your Venus sign is whichever constellation the planet Venus was closest to when you were born. Each planet moves at its own pace around the solar system; Venus changes signs every four to five weeks. Click this link to find your Venus sign, or set up your astrological profile with the Snapchat update!

Venus rules attraction, romance and preferences, thus making it “the planet of love.” Now that you know yours, let’s discuss what your Venus sign means for your love life this Valentine’s Day!


If your Venus is in Aries, you strongly dislike feeling restrained or controlled. You quickly turn away from situations that make you feel “tied down” or suffocated, since you need your freedom to flourish. Fiercely independent with a taste for excitement, your best partner will be someone who respects your boundaries and continuously keeps you interested.


Taurus feels best in situations that provide them security and comfort. If your Venus is in Taurus, you prefer slow-paced relationships that allow you to ease into trusting your partner. Your ideal relationship involves a lot of simplicity and coziness. You don’t need constant stimulation; you just need to feel comfortable.


In contrast, those with Venus in Gemini dislike—and can even grow to resent—too much comfort in their relationships. You’re flirty but difficult to read since your whims change and you’re slow to expose your heart. When you do commit to a partner, they’ll need to be someone with whom you can explore new activities, social circles and intellectual topics. Your ideal relationship will be one where you can explore your curiosity.


Those with Venus in Cancer have a steadfast approach to love. Your affection is expressed through warmth and honesty; you prioritize making sure your partner knows you care. In return, your partner needs to make you feel secure by reciprocating your enthusiasm and tenderness. It’s important for you to feel like your devotion and loyalty is appreciated, so you need a partner who recognizes this as a strength.


Venus in Leo people will need a lot of attention from their partners to feel loved and appreciated. You’re likely bold and proud in your love life, going after the people you desire and enjoying showing them off once you’re together. The perfect partner for you will be someone who makes you feel special through words of affirmation and extravagance, constantly reminding you of how much you mean to them.


If your Venus is in Virgo, you have a more practical approach to love. You dislike flashy affection styles, instead preferring a relationship that develops slowly and naturally. Reserved and careful, your affection shines through in small acts of service towards your partner. For a successful relationship, you need someone who acknowledges all the little things you do.


The most important thing for Venus in Libra is fairness and kindness. The symbol for Libra is the balance, and this is especially reflected with Venus in Libra’s preference for equality in their relationships. You’re a gentle and charming partner who thrives on communication, so a successful relationship for you involves a lot of conversation and mutual understanding.


Venus in Scorpio is intense. Once you commit to someone, you feel very immersed in them, quickly delving into discovering this person and what a relationship with them can hold. Although it’s hard to catch your romantic interest, those who do will be the sole center of your attention. Your unwavering loyalty and deep passion need to be met with a willingness to be discovered; your ideal partner is vulnerable to you and you alone.


If your Venus is in Sagittarius, you thrive in situations in which you are getting the most out of life. You need to feel as though you are growing as a person through your relationships, both through physical experiences and mental reflections. Your approach to relationships is honest because you dislike complications; you need a partner who is straightforward with you. The best relationship for you is one where you can expand your mind and live to the fullest with your partner, without drama.


You’re attracted to practicality and independence, and you exude this aura yourself. You create a relationship environment of stability and deep care, but you may come across initially as cool and detached. You need time, like any earth sign, to deliberately get to know a partner and feel comfortable. Partners for you need to match your goal-oriented and reliable nature, helping you build the stability you work for. 


Aquarius is the sign of rule-breaking and self-expression. If your Venus is in Aquarius, you’re attracted to people who appreciate your unique nature and disdain for the conventional. You may come across as detached, and you want your relationships to be fun rather than restrictive. You make your own rules. Your ideal partner needs to be on the same page as you, reciprocating this free-spirited attitude and willing to explore all things out-of-the-box with you.


Pisces in Venus is sensitive and caring in their relationships. If your Venus is in Pisces, you are an empathetic and generous partner who feels deep compassion once committed to someone. Your strong compassion makes you forgiving, understanding and drawn to helping others, especially when it comes to helping a partner overcome their obstacles or past. You flourish in relationships in which you can tap into your sensitivity and make a positive impact on your partner’s well-being.

Now that you know what your Venus sign is and what that means, let’s see how this holiday is for you! 

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Cristina Angee is a staff writer for Her Campus FSU.
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