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What Your Fave Nut Butter Says About You

For most college kids, nut butters are pantry staples. They’re healthy (in the right portion size), satisfying, versatile, and can dress up any recipe. Nut butters make any smoothie, bowl of oatmeal or plate of brownies ten times tastier and better for you with their healthy fats and high source of plant-based protein! Of course, they can also be enjoyed by the spoonful. I know we are all guilty of standing by the fridge with our spoon half deep in the peanut butter jar for our yummy midnight snack. But nowadays, peanut butter isn’t our only option. The nut butter gods have decided to grind up every kind of nut and seed into buttery goodness. Peanut butter will always be the OG but we can definitely open our palates to new variations. So, grab your favorite jar and find out what it says about you!

Peanut Butter

Courtesy: OrganicFacts

If PB is your go-to, then you’re the loyal one of the group. You like keeping things simple and never tolerate ANY drama. You are definitely the anchor of the squad and everyone goes to you for advice. Your favorite snack is probably apples and peanut butter and you wouldn’t have it any other way; effortless and easy!

Almond Butter

Courtesy: TheHealthyFoodie

You are the health nut! Your day isn’t complete without hitting the gym or jogging a couple of miles. You love to be surrounded by people 24/7 and your favorite spot in town is the local acai joint. Everyone thinks you’re a little nutty but hey, you’re unique.

Sunflower Seed Butter

Courtesy: LaurenKellyNutrition

You shine like the sun just like your favorite snack, sunny butter. Everyone loves to be around you because of the positivity that you exude. You light up every room you walk into and always have a smile on your face. Stay golden!

Cashew Butter

Courtesy: Downshiftology

You’re the smooth one of the crew. Everyone loves you but is also probably a tad jealous of you. You always get all the guys (or gals) and definitely know how to make ‘em swoon. You know the right thing to say in every situation and are definitely the “smooth operator.”


Courtesy: Choice Markets

The sophisticated one! You always keep everyone in check and are usually (and sometimes unfortunately) the mom of the group. You are confident, collected and very reliable. You may be intimidating at first but everyone eventually warms up to you.


Courtesy: CNN

(Don’t forget about the hazelnuts in Nutella, so yes, this is 100% a nut butter.) You’re the fun one! You always know how to have a good time and definitely know how to get the party started. The gang relies on you for the weekend plans and you never disappoint. Stay sweet!

Personally, I’m not biased to one single nut butter, but I definitely have a couple favorites. I hope this guide was helpful for your self-discovery, and you should never stop doin’ you. Now go grab a spoon and dig in . . . you know you want to!


As a rising senior at Florida State University, Jenna loves to play Ultimate Frisbee, write, run, read, edit and everything in between. She is a current Lifestyle intern at Her Campus in Boston and is currently discovering the city girl she never knew she was. She is so open to new people and experiences and is excited to see what the world has to offer. Also, dogs. 
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