What We're Obsessing Over: Midterm Must-Haves

Now that we are back in the daily grind of college life, we need those little things to get us through the day. Balancing a full course load, clubs, internships and a social life can leave you feeling exhausted and confused. Our picks this week will keep you going as midterms creep around the corner.

1. Batiste Dry Shampoo - Sara Gomez, Graphic Designer

Courtesy: Sara Gomez


“Batiste's product comes in handy during those days in between washing when I can sense a little bit of excess oil in my hair and want it to look freshly washed again. I tell all my friends about this and they all look at me like I'm insane but I swear my hair is 10x healthier, less oily and all around easier to manage after starting to use dry shampoo. It's perfect to use when I wake up late and have 5 minutes to get ready before class in the morning.”

2. Purses from 6th Avenue Monogramming - Sasha Polissky, Public Relations and Event Planning Director

Courtesy: Sasha Polissky


“Since Florida State implemented the new clear bag policy for game days, I purchased an adorable bag with my initials monogrammed in cursive, surrounded by gold arrows. I even got a large tote for my mom for parent’s weekend so we could match and she absolutely fell in love with how stylish and roomy it was.”

3. Staedtler Pens - Taylor Zollo, Social Media Director

Courtesy: Taylor Zollo


“I am in love with the Staedtler pens from Target. I always lose my pens so having them in a pack like this is so convenient. Also, I love color coding my notes and planner! They also really come in handy while I've been studying for my midterms.”

4. Chance the Rapper - Sam Swantek, Editor-in-Chief

Courtesy: Sam Swantek


“After the War Chant concert featuring Chance the Rapper, I’ve been listening to all of his old songs from Acid Rap and 10 Day. I’ve been loving “Prom Night,” “Juke Juke” and “Favorite Song,” and I’m of course obsessed with Coloring Book—who isn’t?”

5. Day Designer Planner - Trinity Lakin, Public Relations and Event Planning Director

Courtesy: Trinity Lakin


“My life is a bit of a mess so I live out of my planner. The Day Designer has an entire page for each day, with hourly time slots, to-do lists, and spaces for assignments due, money spent, meal planning, and daily gratitude. You can order a hardcover Day Designer from their website for $59, which is pretty pricey but so worth it! They also have a line of planners at Target which are more affordable but just as cute and useful.”