What We're Obsessing Over: Fall Semester Faves

We are already four weeks into the semester, but for some of us it may still feel surreal being back on campus. With Hurricane Hermine throwing us off balance and Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease causing a wake in social events, our picks this week will help you get focused and in the zone for the rest of the semester!

1. Google Calendar: Emma Cyphers, Secretary & Treasurer

"If you’re looking to get your life together (aren’t we all?), Google Calendar will be your saving grace this semester. It connects across all of your devices so you’ll never be out of touch! If you’re a procrastinator, you can set reminders for assignments and you’ll never be left scrambling at 11:58 pm to submit your paper on time. Additional features include color coding for classes, lunch dates, meetings, homework, etc. and you can repeat events for the same classes so you don’t have to type it in a thousand times. Google Calendar will definitely be your new best friend for organization this fall."

2. Bando Agendas: Sara Gomez, Graphic Designer

"I'm obsessed with stationary and always looking for inspiration for my designs, so I love to use stationary that showcases lots of art, colors and funky patterns. I've been obsessed with Bando forever and just recently decided to invest in their agendas because aside from being super useful with lots of writing space, they actually showcase female artists' work. Each month starts off with a quirky illustration from a different female artist, and throughout the agenda there are a bunch of cute little designs by them too. The agendas come with two sticker sheets to personalize the pages however you please. In summary: showcase cool art from rad female artists, lots of writing space, monthly view + daily views, blank pages for notes and lists and stickers!"

3. Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens: Sasha Polissky, Public Relations & Event Planning Director

"After enrolling in six classes this semester and participating in multiple clubs, I got this pack to separate my tasks. Each color symbolizes a different course or organization, allowing me to not only stay organized, but also make my planner come to life through bold and vivid colors. These pens rarely bleed or smear and you have 16 amazing colors to choose from, including black, blue, green, lilac, lime, magenta, marigold, navy, olive, pink, plum, purple, red, sky blue, tangerine and yellow. Get your pack at Target today!"

4. Premier Protein Shakes: Taylor Zollo, Social Media Director

"For those of us that are suffering through 8 a.m. classes or wake up five minutes before class, Premier Protein shakes are perfect for a portable, delicious breakfast! Starting your day with protein will give you the energy you need to make it through your classes and keep you from daydreaming about lunch during lecture. I'm obsessed with these protein shakes called Premier Protein in the vanilla flavor because they're easy to drink as I walk to class! Plus, they taste amazing and are pretty healthy."

5. Matcha Iced Lattes: Felicity Warner, Managing Editor

"Caffeine is essential to college life, especially after a summer of sleeping in and limited responsibilities. If coffee is not your forte or you are looking for something a little different, matcha is for you. When I’m in need of an afternoon pick-me-up (or feel like pretending to be a fancy barista), I make myself a matcha green tea iced latte. Matcha green tea powder with coconut milk and sugar or honey makes for a delicious mid-day buzz that will keep me going for the rest of my day."

6. Bastille’s new album, Wild World: Alexandra Lo Re, Editor-in-Chief

"I've been a huge Bastille fan ever since they came out with Pompeii, and after like three years they finally have a new album! Wild World is what I've been waiting for ever since I laid eyes on them in concert in 2013, so that album is what I've been binging recently. There are nineteen songs on it. NINETEEN!"

7. Hip Hop Instrumental Radio station on Pandora: Sam Swantek, Editor-in-Chief

"As school starts up again and I have a million things on my to-do list (and definitely do not want to do any of them), I need something that both keeps me focused but also gets me ~hype~ to get down to business. The beats are bumpin' and there aren't any lyrics that will detract from my studying and make me want to sing along. It's really a win-win! 10/10 would recommend if you need to get things done and want to feel like a badass while doing it."

8. Stranger ThingsTrinity Lakin, Public Relations & Event Planning Director

"Taking a full course load, extracurricular activities, jobs and internships can get pretty hectic and overwhelming. When you need to tune out and procrastinate for a while (because let’s be real, our procrastination game is strong), Netflix original Stranger Things is the perfect choice. This thriller set in the 80’s takes you on a supernatural journey that you do not want to end. Make some popcorn, settle in and forget you have responsibilities for eight hours."