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What We Know About Kim and Kanye’s Divorce

Kim Kardashian-West has officially filed for divorce from her husband, Kanye West. After seven years of marriage, the couple cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split. Since 2018, the family’s show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, has subtly unveiled the cracks in Kim and Kanye’s relationship. The two had been living separately for many months prior to the divorce; Kanye resides primarily at his ranch in Wyoming, and Kim lives in Calabassas with the couple’s four children. Although Kim has kept the matter relatively private, she has pointed to several root causes of the divorce. Among those are Kanye’s mental health problems, his refusal to seek counseling and a series of erratic behaviors during his failed presidential campaign.

Kanye was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2016. At first, he was in denial about the diagnosis, maintaining that he was facing “sleep deprivation.” In 2020, Kim claimed he had finally accepted his condition but still refused to take medication because it “changes who he is.” As a side effect of his bipolar disorder, Kanye experiences both manic and depressive periods. This can make his behavior unpredictable, causing an immense amount of stress for Kim. “Kim is done dealing with Kanye’s unpredictable behavior, she has tried to get him into treatment for his mental health, and all attempts have been unsuccessful,” an insider source tells Us Weekly.

Things between Kim and Kanye hit their breaking point in July of 2020 when Kanye announced his candidacy for President of the United States. Kanye believes his presidential run is ultimately what cost him his marriage. From the beginning, his candidacy was erratic and surrounded by controversy. During a four-hour interview with Forbes, Kanye claimed he was skeptical of COVID-19 vaccines because they are the “mark of the beast,” that white supremacists control Planned Parenthoods and that he envisions a White House organizational model based on the fictional country of Wakanda in the movie Black Panther. On his campaign trail, Kanye also revealed profoundly personal information regarding Kim and the couple’s children. At a rally, Kanye revealed that the couple considered getting an abortion when Kim was pregnant with their first child, North West. This left Kim furious because they had agreed to keep their personal life out of the campaign.

Soon after, Kanye began posting a series of provocative tweets directed at Kim and her mother, Kris Jenner. The rapper tweeted that the two women had tried to “lock him up” and proceeded to claim that the psychological thriller Get Out was based on his life. He has also taken to social media to call Kim a white supremacist and claimed he had been trying to divorce her since she met with musician Meek Mill to discuss prison reform. He later posted a public apology to his wife for all of the irrational tweets.

Although the couple is calling it quits, they still remain on amicable terms. They are seeking joint custody of their four children, and neither party has contested their prenup agreement.

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