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As the cold winter months start to fade away and we’re left with the dewiness of another spring, you might be contemplating what to watch next. Thankfully, I’m here to give you all the details about what’s coming to Netflix in the next month. This time around, there are almost 40 movies and TV shows for you to choose from, which means there won’t be much difficulty deciding what to binge next. Don’t forget that Netflix is always adding things last minute and giving us little surprises, so keep up with their social media and stay completely up to date.

March 1 Releases


Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell (Netflix Original)


Crazy, Stupid, Love.

After finding out that his wife has been cheating on him, Cal Weaver meets a man at a bar who promises to teach him how to get over his now ex-wife. This is a wildly popular movie that deals with picking yourself up after a breakup and regaining your confidence. Crazy, Stupid, Love. boasts a star-studded cast of Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore and Emma Stone. 

How to Be Really Bad / Meine teuflisch gute Freundin


Lego Marvel Spider-Man: Vexed by Venom

Seven Souls in the Skull Castle

March 2 Release

Word Party, Season 5 (Netflix Original)

March 3 Releases

Moxie (Netflix Original)

Murder Among The Mormons (Netflix Original)

March 4 Releases


Pacific Rim: The Black, Season 1 (Netflix Original)

3 people watching TV on projector screen
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March 5 Releases

City of Ghosts, Season 1 (Netflix Original)

Fate of Alakada

Pokémon Journeys: The Series, Part Four (Netflix Original)

Sentinelle (Netflix Original)

March 8 Release

Bombay Rose (Netflix Original)

March 9 Release

The Houseboat, Season 1 (Netflix Original)

March 10 Releases

Marriage or Mortgage, Season 1 (Netflix Original)

For fans of Four Weddings and HGTV shows, this might be the perfect cross-over for you! This new reality series coming to Netflix showcases participants being pitched their perfect wedding and their perfect house. The big decision to make? Participants must choose between the two, declaring victory for either Sarah Miller (a wedding planner) or Nichole Holmes (a real-estate agent).

Last Chance U: Basketball, Season 1 (Netflix Original)

March 11 Releases

Coven of Sisters (Netflix Original)

The Block Island Sound

March 12 Releases

Just in Time

Love Alarm, Season 2 (Netflix Original)

Paradise PD, Season 3 (Netflix Original)

The One, Season 1 (Netflix Original)

Yes Day (Netflix Original)

Spongebob eating popcorn in front of tv
Nickelodeon / Giphy

March 14 Release


March 15 Releases

Paper Lives (Netflix Original)

The Lost Pirate Kingdom, Season 1 (Netflix Original)

March 16 Releases


Waffles + Mochi, Season 1 (Netflix Original)

The one and only former first lady Michelle Obama hosts this beautiful and fun children’s show about food from all over the world. This show aims to help children create healthy habits and help families cook meals together at home with fresh ingredients. Mrs. Obama is joined by her puppet friends Waffles and Mochi as she tries to show them and the audience the importance of home-cooked, healthy meals.

March 17 Release

Under Suspicion: Uncovering the Wesphael Case, Season 1 (Netflix Original)

March 19 Releases

Country Comfort, Season 1 (Netflix Original)

Sky Rojo, Season 1 (Netflix Original)

March 25 Release

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, Season 1 (Netflix Original)

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