What It's Like Having Your Birthday Near the Holidays

If you’re a December baby like me, you know that celebrating your birthday near the holidays is unlike celebrating during any other month. The final month of the year consists of a mixture of festivities and stress, so squeezing in your special day can be a challenge. Below is a list of things only those born during the holiday season will understand.

Receiving “combined” presents 

While all the normal people get presents twice a year, you wait all year to receive anything on your wish list. Plus, when it finally reaches gift-giving season, you're often presented with two-in-one presents, accompanied with the statement, “This is for your birthday AND Christmas.”

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Almost always holiday-themed gifts

Instead of the “It’s Your Birthday!” wrapping paper and gift bags, friends and family wrap your presents with paper covered in gingerbread men and “Ho, Ho, Ho!” As far as what’s inside the packaging, a lifetime supply of Christmas socks and candy canes await you each year.

Spending your day surrounded by beautiful decorations and lights

It’s hard not to have a pleasant time when the world is decorated with shiny lights and blow up reindeer. What better way to celebrate than drinking a mug full of hot cocoa while walking around the lit-up neighborhood? And think of all the cute birthday photos you can take with friends in front of a festive background.

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That is, if anyone is actually available to celebrate with you

Between holiday parties and winter vacation plans, it’s impossible to get everyone together all on one day. Everyone should spend the day honoring your presence in the world, but of course, other special events tend to take priority.

Finals ruin the mood

If you’re extra lucky like me, your birthday will fall on the most stressful week of the semester: finals week. Filling out scantrons and pulling an all-nighter at Strozier probably isn’t your idea of the optimal day. But hey, at least the library is full of people you can relate to during your cram sessions.

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People completely forgetting about your birthday

I guess you can’t blame them for getting caught up in the constant parties, celebrations, mandatory shopping and planning. But you're just as important and deserve everyone’s full attention.

It’s more of a birth-month than a birthday for you

Once school gets out, you have a few weeks of free time to get your fix of both relaxing and partying. Since it’s so hard to get everyone together at one time, you can have a bunch of mini celebrations with individual people. And why not pretend that the Christmas and New Year’s parties are thrown just for you?

You get endless amounts of food and sweets

You may gain a few pounds by pigging out, but December is the ultimate time for holiday treats and huge meals.