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What Halloween Candy Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

There are lots of fun things about Halloween: fun parties, creative costumes, festive pumpkins, but we all know the best part is the amount of candy we’ll be feasting on. Here is a list of what candy you are based on your zodiac sign to give you a new appreciation for the candies you’ll be devouring this season!

Aries: Starburst

Aries are spontaneous, much like a package of Starburst! You never know what bright colors you’ll get in your package, but you’re bound to love some of the flavors. Starbursts come in tons of brightly colored wrappers, so just like Aries, when one is in the room you really can’t miss them.

Courtesy: @starburst

Taurus: Classic Hershey’s chocolate bar

Any Taurus would agree: why add so many extra textures and flavors to distract from the classic and finer things of life? That is what makes them the classic Hershey’s chocolate bar. They like to keep it real. The chocolate bar has a rich flavor and is the perfect candy for relaxing and enjoying your time, which is what Taurus is all about.

Gemini: Sour Patch Kids

Gemini’s personality is composed of two totally different elements, one minute they’re sour and disinterested and the next they’re the sweetest. Sound familiar? They are oddly similar to Sour Patch Kids! No matter how their flavors change, though, they are undeniably fun and add liveliness to any event!

Cancer: Tootsie Pops

Tootsie Pops have a hard yet sugary shell on their outside so it takes a little bit of time to get to their center. But once you get there, it’ll be even more enjoyable. Cancers are just the same, it takes patience to get them to open up and show you their core, but once they do you’ll be elated!


Courtesy: CandyCrate

Leo: Candy Corn

Whether you like the taste or not, candy corn is just iconic. They’re brightly colored like Leo’s personality, and in a bag full of candy, it would be hard to miss them. When Halloween season is over, and they aren’t around, you’ll surely notice they’re gone and miss their presence because they love to draw attention, just like a Leo!

Virgo: Raisinets

Virgo is intellectual, mature and has so much to offer the world. They would be Raisinets because they aren’t overly sugary and adults like the taste of them just as much as kids, offering a yummy flavor to anyone. It is a raisin with chocolate covering, so they are simplistic yet have a lot to offer!

Courtesy: CandyCrate

Libra: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Libras are practical and are all about balance, so they had to be a candy with two different elements to it. Libras are also people-pleasers who try to be liked by all – exactly like Reese’s, where chocolate and peanut butter come together perfectly to create everyone’s favorite candy.

Scorpio: Warheads

Definitely not for the faint of heart, Scorpio is the notoriously sour Warheads candy. Lots of people will attempt to try one of these, but not everyone can handle the intensity! You either can’t stand these candies, or you can’t get enough of them; there is no in between. Sounds just like a Scorpio to me!

Sagittarius: M&Ms

Sagittariuses are calm, cool, collected and mesh will in pretty much any mix. Just like how M&Ms are tasty by themselves, they also go great with peanuts, caramel and even pretzels. They come in different colors, but no matter which one you grab, you always know to expect a delicious candy and fun experience.

Capricorn: Mint

Capricorns are straightforward, serious, and classy. What you see is what you get just like minty candy! Capricorns know they don’t need to be extra colorful to draw people because who they are, and what they can do, speaks for itself. A mint may not be the first candy you reach for in your Halloween basket, but there will surely come a time when you’ll need one around!

Aquarius: Matcha Kit Kat

This sign has to be a delicious candy that not everyone knows about because Aquarius is one of the most underrated signs! Just like an Aquarius, matcha Kit Kats have a uniquely awesome flavor, and once you’ve tried one, you’ll wish you had found out about them sooner.


Courtesy: TAKASKI


Pisces: Pixy Stick

Pisces always strive to be the sweetest and caring friend, partner and person in general, so what other candy could they be besides a Pixy Stick, which is basically straight sugar? Pisces’ warm hearts can also provoke nostalgia in us of being at home with the people we love, and Pixy Sticks definitely take us back to our childhoods. 

Calista is a sophomore at Florida State University majoring in Media Communication Studies. She is passionate about fashion, oldies music, cats, and seeing the world become a more caring place. You can find her on Instagram @Calistaflowers
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