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What to Do If Valentine’s Day Just Isn’t Your Thing

It’s that time again—when pink hearts and roses seem to appear out of nowhere and, no matter where you go, you can’t escape the romantic, Hallmark-esque lore of Valentine’s Day. Spending time with the ones you love (whether it be a significant other or your best pals) is awesome; but for some people, the overall aesthetic of V-Day just doesn’t click…and that’s okay. If you’re looking for something a little less cheesy, look no further. Here’s how to have an awesome Anti-Valentine’s Day celebration!


Movie night!

Courtesy: Hollywood Reporter

What’s better than a laid-back hangout with your closest girls? Host a low-key movie night totally free of rom-coms. If you’ll be with all your BFFs this Galentine’s Day, try a movie about female empowerment that doesn’t involve a relationship, like Moana, available on Netflix. She’s tough, she’s beautiful and she’s best friends with The Rock. It’s the perfect romance-free adventure.

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You can also rent the classic girl-gang film Bridesmaids featuring the best ensemble cast of all time on Amazon. It even garnered a Best Supporting Actress nomination for Her Royal Highness, Melissa McCarthy. Considering the Oscars don’t often recognize comedies, that’s pretty impressive! Or check out the ultimate BFF film Thelma & Louise, available for free with Amazon Prime. If you haven’t thought about taking a wild road trip à la T&L with your best friend, are you really best friends? Not convinced.

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So, you and your crew are more into action-adventure? Feeling something gritty and brutal? No problem. Try The Hateful Eight, a Quentin Tarantino-directed western starring Academy Award-nominated actor Samuel L. “Where’s my super-suit” Jackson as a post-Civil War bounty hunter. Or Troy, a battle movie for the ages that depicts parts of The Iliad and Odyssey. They’re both on Netflix. And if that’s still not hardcore enough for you, you can rent The Exorcist on iTunes, or Saw on Amazon. #Stayblessed

Courtesy: Newsweek

Personal favorite: It’s the polar opposite of a good movie, a love story so convoluted and unrecognizable you’ll find yourself wondering if it even qualifies as a film. What is universally accepted as the worst movie of all time, The Room, is perfect for any movie night. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll ponder life’s greatest questions. (Bonus points if you watch The Disaster Artist after!)


Find a great playlist

Courtesy: Spotify

If one thing is certain, it’s that no date night or friendly get-together is complete without a sweet playlist. But if you’re not in the mood for romance ballads and pop tunes this Valentine’s season, try checking out one of Spotify’s Anti-Valentine’s Day Playlists or a Pandora station! From edgy punk-rock to chill vibes, you can find what works for you.

You can also check out a great throwback playlist like this one from the early 2000s. Everyone will know all of the songs and have a great time singing along to the classic hits from our childhoods.

Get some great food

Going out on V-Day or the following weekend is going to be tough, as will be ordering take-out or delivery. Try cooking something new at home with your friends! It’s a fun way to get creative and make memories, and you don’t have to even look at pink-sprinkled cookies or red velvet heart cakes! You can start with this awesome list of recipes using ingredients you already have.

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