What 10 Republican Women Have to Say About this Election

As a republican woman, this election has been a twist and turn of political emotions. Many of us are confused while many of us see the candidate that we believe to be the best. Here are 10 thoughts that republican FSU women have had over the course of this election.

1. “I am offended by Trump and I am offended by the way that Hillary enforces the idea that she can do more for women simply because she is a woman. Neither candidate is comforting.” –Emily Galliher, Sophomore

2. “Both candidates don’t represent women well, I just want Jeb back.” –Mariah Miller, Sophomore

3. “I feel like Trump would do a lot better in the polls if he kept some of his comments to himself or comments that are irrelevant to the topic at hand to himself as well as articulate his ultimate goals better than he would be a better standing with the Republican Party and the American people as a whole.” – Courtney Dart, Junior

4. “Neither candidate in my opinion are good enough to be the president of this great nation. Both candidates do not represent women of any ethnicity or age well. It is quite sad honestly that these are the two people that we came down to in this election.” Hannah Martin, Sophomore

5. “As a woman I think Hillary is banking on the fact that she is a woman, which is not a qualifying quality of our Commander in Chief. I also think Donald Trump lacks respect for everyone, not just women.”  - Gisselle Cruz, Sophomore

6. “I think you can say most Republicans (men and women) have thought, “Well…shit.” During this election.” – Taylor Baum, Freshman

7.  “I’ve thought that I just want to go back to when we had a bunch of candidates to pick from and we were complaining that there were too many.” – Valerie Smith, Sophomore

8. “I think that out of all of the millions of people in the country, it’s pathetic that Trump and Hillary are the two best people we could come up with.” – Madison Rogers, Sophomore

9. “America might be doomed or we might be okay.” – Jessica Smith

10. “As a woman in this election, I don’t understand how anyone can advocate for either candidate when both are so greatly flawed. On the other hand, I can’t say that I’m not going to vote for my party’s candidate.” – Sydney Booker, Sophomore

As a Republican in one of the most influential elections of our young lives, it is important to know both sides and the thoughts of people from both sides. As women in this election, we have an especially important role in this election. Go out and vote!