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Since We’re in Quarantine, Let Me Tell You Some Regrets I Have

Well to start this list off it feels only right to introduce myself before I let you read an article about the biggest regrets I have up until this point in my life. For starters, my name is Kartika and I am currently 19 years old and in the mechanical engineering major track. Now, let’s dive right in.

1.  Not doing tutoring

I’ll start off simple for the first one. I’m the type of student who really just does enough to get by and won’t put in that much effort unless I need to. I studied for quizzes or tests if I really had to and the second I got a decent grade I would just give up or not change the routine I had for the first one. In a very non-surprising twist, this system didn’t work too well when I got to college and I found myself struggling to get in enough time to study. Subjects like chemistry and calculus seemed foreign to me and it felt like I had no other options. I knew tutoring was offered at Florida State University but where I came from, the people who got  tutored were made fun of, so as you could imagine it really turned me off from the whole “asking for help” thing. Therefore, my first regret is not casting that feeling away and just biting the bullet and going. It would have saved me a lot of stress and time trying to teach myself a concept I could’ve just asked about.

2.  Not standing up for myself

This one is very basic in terms of lifelong regrets, but it’s something I do regret because it caused me to think less of myself which is never a good thing. Standing up for myself relates to multiple events in my life so far but a big one was with my roommate in my first year of college. I had lived in an apartment with 3 other girls and I got along quite well with them. What first started with simple favors like, “ Can you take out the trash?” and, “Can you listen to me talk about my boyfriend till 4am,” quickly turned sour after her boyfriend started being toxic and disrespectful towards her as well as myself and the other roommates. Me being me just shrugged it off when it came to me but one day he is being a little too mean and so I step in and try to get him to leave or at least back off a little. Well that was obviously an attack from me in his mind and he starts cursing me out, and I just stand there and take it, walk away and then cry in my room. I regret not saying something back and letting him walk all over me. So dude if you’re out there, screw you.

3.  Not being more forgiving

Probably one of the bigger regrets in my life has been related to not being able to forgive people and let go of anger I had pent up, mainly relating to people in high school. When people would cross me or make me mad I’d just hold onto that feeling and poison all the memories I had with that person. That caused high school to basically suck because I felt like I had everyone against me and I wouldn’t let the anger and past go. If I had forgiven them and moved on I probably wouldn’t have acted so sour and had a better experience overall.

There you have it, my top 3 regrets I have in my life. So, take it from me: Screw what other people think, if you think standing up to that one person or forgiving someone or hell even just going to a tutoring meeting to see if it helps, do it.

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Hello! My name is Kartika Ahern, I am a freshman studying Biomedical engineering. In my free time I love photography, swimming and going to Chipotle with my friends. Follow me on Insta! @lil.tika
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