We All Scream For Scream Queens: Season 2

“Good morning, idiot hookers!” That’s right, pull out your pink fur coats and pearls because Scream Queens is back for season two. Last fall, Scream Queens took over television with it's raunchy and satirical content, leaving everyone asking, “Who is the Red Devil?” With fun guest stars and endless pop culture references, the show became a favorite amongst a variety of audiences. Even those who disliked the show couldn’t stop talking about it. Now, the first episode of season two has aired and an entirely new set of questions have arisen.

In typical Ryan Murphy fashion, this season has taken an unexpected turn. Instead of returning back to our favorite and terrifying sorority house, season two takes place in a hospital owned by the one and only Dean Munsch. Dean Munsch, now Dr. Munsch, has put away the textbooks (not that anyone ever went to class) and is now focusing her time on C.U.R.E., a new learning hospital dedicated to curing the incurable. With a new change in location, the show has introduced lots of new plot details to poke fun at. Season one was all about sorority life and the obvious horror film satire. Now, the show is starting to tease some hospital-drama tropes.

This new setting may spark a change in dynamic but fans of the Chanels’ fabulous fashion need not worry; the scrubs won’t be holding them back. Their dedication to style continues through bubblegum-pink skirts, bedazzled stethoscopes and, of course, Chanel #3’s iconic ear muffs. The fur coats are not being put to rest quite yet either—if anything, they are coming back bigger and better than ever.

Courtesy: Fox

Two of the most exciting and talked about additions to season two of Scream Queens are the new characters. John Stamos and Taylor Launter have joined the cast as two new doctors and possible love interests. Judging from the first episode, it’s pretty clear that John Stamos is going to be bringing a lot to the season by replacing other characters who may not be returning. Similarly to Pretty Little Liars, the show jumped three years into the future, which left a lot of questions about what happened to many of the characters from University. As of now, it appears that many of last years favorites will not be appearing in this season, although I’m sure the Red Devil murdering most of them didn't die out in Season one. We'll just have to wait and see for confirmation on that one.

As expected, season two has been facing mixed reviews. While most viewers are eager to see where the show goes, many are worried about the similarities between the first and second season premieres. Both episodes begin with a flashback and end with a murder, sprinkled with typical Chanel-style humor in between scenes. Still, Scream Queens continues to draw in audiences with it's shock factor and social commentary disguised in pink stilettos.

Whether you’re a new viewer or a dedicated fan, season two of Scream Queens is bound to start conversations and leave you dying (pun intended) to know the identity of this season’s killer. This green-masked swamp monster isn’t holding back when it comes to horror—so brush up on your fan theories and make sure to catch Scream Queens on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.