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Ways to have Fun in the Sun Now that the Beaches are Closed Down

The news that the beaches closed down just 45 minutes from where I live for the next month was heartbreaking! I was so ready to go out in the sun and go from a pasty white to a less pasty, pinker version of myself (I do not tan well, haha!).  The beach is something that I have grown to appreciate as I have gotten older, and it has been my mission to enjoy them as much as I can.  But now, what is a beach bum to do? I have a few ideas up my swimsuit cover-up sleeve that I would love to share with my fellow beach babes!

If online classes are bringing you down and you need some light in your life, find a window and set up your homework station there! Yes, you may be inside still, but at least you are enjoying the sun and pretty outdoor view while getting your homework done. Speaking of windows, just sitting next to one while you’re quarantined can help you “get out of your house” without actually ever leaving it. To go one step further, opening the window on a nice bright day will do wonders to your mood and energy! In this season of staying inside, windows are your friends!


With the fear of the virus in all of our minds, it is understandable that a lot of us might not go out at all, even to walk your dog or go get groceries. My advice to those of us with anxious minds is to not overcomplicate things! Going out in your front yard with just you and your dog with no one else near you is perfectly safe! But don’t take my word for it, the State of Illinois has said this is safe and the White House guidelines do not mention that going outside is prohibited. As long as you are six feet away from someone and not in a public situation, outside of unavoidable situations such as work or going grocery shopping, it is safe to go outside! Put your mind at ease and get some fresh air! Grab a lawn chair, a good book, some strawberries, and relax!

If a tan is what you’re missing, and not being able to go outside isn’t all that devastating to you, there is an easy solution for you! While you are practicing social distancing and going to the grocery store, grab some self-tanner! It will give that beachy look without having to risk your health at all! I must remind you, only get this when you’re getting food. Yes, you will look beautiful tanned, but it is not worth getting sick over! Anyways, I prefer the gradual tanning lotion instead of the instant tanner, but that is only because I am scared of looking too orange. If you are experienced in self-tanning or you have a brave soul, go for the instant tanner! I’m sure you’ll feel instantly better!

In this season of fear and anxiety, thinking of others’ fears and being kind has never been more of a priority. But remember that you are a priority as well.  While we take care of each other, take care of yourself!

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