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Waking up in the City That Never Sleeps – A Weekend in New York

Despite the redeye flight and sleepless night, I finally hopped off the plane at LGA with a dream and my cardigan… Yup, LGA! My first steps into the state that claims the Big Apple were promising of an incredible weekend. With Starbucks in hand and my best friend, Natalia, alongside me, I was ready to conquer the incredible city of New York. First stop: picking up our friend Tessa and dropping off our stuff at the New Yorker. Yes, THE New Yorker.

After spending our junior year living together, Tessa moved away from Florida State University, where Natalia and I still reside, and into the middle of Manhattan. Moving across the street from Madison Square Garden to work as an intern for the Late Night Show with Seth Meyers sounds like a far-fetched dream, but Tessa made it into her reality. Due to her incredible feat and knowing we’d miss her throughout the semester, over the summer Natalia and I planned a trip to New York to visit our newly hired, big city intern.

On day one, after 12 hours of traveling, we quickly changed and walked around all of Times Square, visited SoHo, tried on endless pieces of clothing in boutique fitting rooms, and even got lost on the subway like true tourists. We even got to see the F.A.O Schwartz store that Tom Hanks plays the piano in for the classic movie, Big. To end our day, after having clocked 13 walked miles on my Apple Watch, we sat down for dinner at the famous Carmine’s in Times Square.

Once seated, there was an influx of homemade, family-style Italian dishes scattered across our table, followed by an influx of happiness and gratitude. Pasta, chicken parmesan, fried calamari, mussels, clams and seabass filled our stomachs and relieved our hunger, leaving us more satisfied than we ever thought possible. And to finish it off, the chef, a family friend of Natalia’s, sent us a special dessert from the kitchen with the best chocolate mousse I have ever had, and will probably ever have.

With the help of adrenaline, on day two, I jolted out of bed ready to walk the High Line, visit the Meatpacking District, and cross the Brooklyn Bridge to see, well, Brooklyn. For breakfast, we had incredible rainbow bagels from a local deli– Liberty Bagels. They were smothered with lox & scallion cream cheese, a flavor overload. Because it was my first time in New York, the High Line was a must. It’s a long walkway covered with planted trees, flowers and plants. It follows an old railroad that once ran through the Meatpacking District. Now, filled with the green scenery, sculptures, visitors and surrounded by beautiful buildings, the High Line is one of New York’s most popular spots and something I would definitely recommend to anyone in the area. After visiting the High Line, Tessa and Natalia led the way to the Brooklyn Bridge. We crossed it in awe looking out at all the lights on both sides of it. It was an incredible sight and pictures could do it no justice.

And, of course, to end our trip on the best note possible, on the last day we visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, biked through Central Park, and ate tacos on a rooftop bar. The art, the bike paths and the food were all incredible.

All in all, a trip to New York City with some of my best friends was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. If you ever get the chance to travel, take it. If you ever get the chance to travel with your best friends, do everything possible and take it. New York City, I will be back so soon!

All pictures courtesy of Adriana Roca.

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