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Waiting for Thanksgiving Break as Told by ‘Stranger Things’

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

While Halloween is definitely at the top of the best holidays out there, many of us collegiettes cannot wait to break away from the discounted Halloween candy and dive into the endless buffet of Thanksgiving dinner. Luckily, we have Stranger Things to help guide us toward the path of righteousness (aka, the holiday spirit).

Halloween has left us with an abundance of discounted candy and last minute overpriced costumes.


Noticing that some people completely ignore Thanksgiving and all of its existence; You can’t skip a holiday, people!

Let’s face it, some people can get a little passive aggressive hearing “All I want for Christmas” on November 1st. 

Either way, we’re all pumped to be getting a few days off from school and wish it’d come sooner. These are the stages of waiting for our turkey-eating, Macy’s-parade-watching Thanksgiving break:

Knowing you’re still ways off from the break, but feeling excited anyway.

Thanksgiving is still a little far away, but you’re already over the moon that you’re going to get to go home! Our little Hurricane Irma vacation was short and sweet, but it’s thrown the entire semester off and it feels like all the professors are rushing through their lesson plans to make up for it. Thanksgiving will be the perfect little break you needed before finishing Fall semester!

Trying to fight that mid-semester slump and find the willpower to finish it off strong.

Midterms are now over and based on the scores you received, you are working hard (or hardly working). Gotta end on a good note and get that GPA up before Spring semester! And, NO, you can’t watch one more episode on Netflix before you start studying. You and I both know you’re going to end up binge-watching the ENTIRE show and postponing that project that’s due in a couple of days. Stop procrastinating!

Practically living in Strozier and trying not to spend all your money at Starbucks.

Walking past the Starbucks in Stroz and using all your strength to not pull out your wallet. Your bank account is starting to feel the hit of all that iced coffee you’ve been downing at 2 AM to write your papers. Better book it to the second floor before you start hearing that PSL call your name.

When your professors refuse to cancel class the week of Thanksgiving.

Both us and the professors could have an entire week off at home, but noooooooo. There are the classes you have to go for attendance; others give pop quizzes to punish those who went home early. The worst of them schedule exams so you have no choice but to come to class. It’s torture and it happens every fall semester without fail.

Navigating your wardrobe very carefully every morning because of the weather.

Florida has to be a Libra because its weather is ridiculously indecisive. When you leave your house it’s 45 degrees and by mid-day, you’re sweating under all the layers your packed on this morning. You get highs of 60 degrees on a Tuesday and a high of 85 on Wednesday. Floridians would appreciate if we could wear the little winter apparel we own without having to lug it around for most of the day. Let’s get into the holiday spirit and stay cold, FL! (Please!)

Coming home to your parents because they haven’t seen you in a minute.

Your professors aren’t letting you out until the last possible day. Your job doesn’t like when students leave for too long during the holidays. Your parents miss you and want you back for as long as possible before you’re off again. They want you home stat!

We’re almost there kiddos! Power through these next few weeks and you’ll be back home for Turkey Day in no time!

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Nicole Knight is a Junior at Florida State University. She's majoring in Editing, Writing and Media with a minor in Communications. 
Her Campus at Florida State University.