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WAGS: Miami is Making Florida Great Again

Known for its melting pot of cultures, beautiful beaches, ravishing nightlife and gorgeous people, Miami can now be known for something else: home of a hit new TV reality show called WAGS: Miami.

Courtesy: Hit Shows

WAGS: Miami is the spin-off of the WAGS series, (which first took place in the state of California). WAGS stands for Wives and Girlfriends of (high profile) Sports Stars. These women are not just dating any athletes, they are connected to some of the most well-known, high-paying athletes in the NFL. The show documents the lavish lifestyle and real world drama of the women married to or dating elite athletes. Colin Kaepernick, Julius Peppers, Mike Wallace and Reshad Jones are just a few of the athletes linked to these women.

The show is both produced and distributed by Machete Productions and the executive producers are Lori Gordon and Amber Mazzola, who are also the executive producers of the original WAGS. The producers decided that they wanted this series to follow the same format as the original, but in a Miami setting.

The hour-long show, which premiered on October 2nd, 2016, follows seven beautiful women. Hencha Voigt is a Haitian born fitness model who has dated numerous athletes over the last few years like Colin Kaepernick; Claudia Sampedro, a well-known model is dating Julius Peppers of the Green Bay Packers; Ashley Nicole Roberts, a captain in the United States Army Reserves and girlfriend of Philip Wheeler of the Atlanta Falcons; Metisha Schaefer, a well-known Miami model who once dated Larry English, is now a free agent; Darnell Nicole is engaged to Miami Dolphins’ Reshad Jones; Vanessa Cole is a business and real estate investor in a relationship with the Baltimore Ravens’ Mike Wallace; and lastly, Astrid Bavaresco, a swimsuit designer who – just like Hencha – is known to have dated numerous athletes.

Although these women have their own careers and are more than able to provide for themselves, dating an athlete has its perks. They are able to meet and network with different people in the entertainment business, receive celebrity treatment everywhere they go, and afford an extravagant lifestyle of which others could only dream.

The show will be packed with all kinds of drama and will never bore you. Tune in at 10 p.m. on Sundays on the E! Television network. 

A senior attending Florida State. Double majoring in English and French. 
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