A Virgin’s Guide to the Rocky Horror Picture Show

A showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show (especially with a live shadow cast) arguably allows for the best interactive experiences for fans. If you’re planning on going, it’s important to read up on your expectations as a crowd member before showing up and looking like a total virgin.

The first quirky label, and most uncomfortable for first-time attendees, is the label of “virgin.” And, no, in this case, I don’t mean those of you who are sexually abstinent. The term “virgin” in terms of Rocky Horror means first-time movie watchers. This means you have the chance of getting called up on stage before the show and popping your Rocky Horror cherry with a “Virgin Sacrifice” aka a mischievous game. For example, a cast member will assign each virgin a barn animal and ask them to perform the sound that animal makes while orgasming. If you are not a virgin, you are either a slut (someone who has been to a live show before) or a masturbator (someone who has seen the film but not the whole live show experience).

Make sure to know your props. Throughout the movie, different scenarios will arise when the crowd goes crazy. The theatre will fill with the crackling sound of the unfolding of newspapers, the squirting of water guns and the downpour of confetti and rice. Listen and look for these specific moments, listed below:

  1. Rice: Throw during the wedding scene.
  2. Newspapers: During the storm scene, unfold and hold it over your head as Janet does on screen.
  3. Squirt Guns: Spray in the air during the storm scene, as you are holding your newspapers.
  4. Flashlights: Use during the verse “there’s a light” in the song “Over at the Frankenstein Place.”
  5. Rubber Gloves: Snap them along with Dr. Frank-n-Furter during his creation speech. He does this three different times, so you have three chances not to miss it! (You can also snap as magenta is removing his gloves.)
  6. Noisemakers: Use after the creation speech when the on-screen crowd applauses and uses their own noisemakers.
  7. Toilet Paper (preferably the Scotts Brand): Throw into the crowd as Dr. Scott arrives and Brad says, “Great Scott!”
  8. Toast (some venues don’t allow this one): Throw when Dr. Frank-N-Furter proposes a toast.
  9. Party Hat: Put on during the dinner party scene along with Dr. Frank-N-Furter.
  10. Playing Cards: Throw during the verse “cards for sorrow, cards for pain” in the song “I’m Going Home.”

Please research the different preferences at a particular venue before bringing these items. The allowed prop list may differ depending on the location!

Another fan-favorite thing to do is shout out words or phrases to add on to the script. Some seem to complete sentences while others make no sense at all. For example, every time you hear Brad’s name yell “ASSHOLE” and after Janet’s name yell “SLUT.” There is an entire audience script which you can find here. And trust me, it’s almost impossible to remember it all.

Fan interaction is something that makes this experience special for everyone. Don’t be afraid to stand up to dance the time warp or attend dressed in full costume!

Interested in giving yourself over to absolute pleasure? Go see the SLC’s showing of Rocky Horror including the Cheap Thrills shadow cast on Oct. 27!

All images courtesy of Eventbrite.

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