Upside Down Makeup Is Now a Thing: Here’s How To Get It

Hey Collegiettes! I’m Melizza Black, your HC FSU Beauty Guru. I spend my time watching makeup tutorials and product reviews while simultaneously scrolling through Instagram to catch up on the latest makeup news. If you’re as passionate as I am about a bright highlight and a strong contour, look out for my weekly beauty articles!

We’ve officially seen it all. From feathered eyelashes to neon eyeliner, eye makeup is no longer just a couple shadows blended to perfection and a thick liner. The latest trend in the world of eye makeup is upside down makeup. 

Courtesy: Pinterest 

First made popular by Queen Kim K, this trend places the focus on the lower lash line rather than bold shadow on the lids. Here’s the key: keep the lids simple and make the lower lash line LOUD. You can do this by smoking out the area under your eyelashes with a black eyeshadow and placing light, neutral colored eyeshadows on your lids (known as the reverse smokey eye).  YouTuber Shaaanxo has a great tutorial on this look!

So big, bold and dramatic isn’t your style. You can still rock this trend and still be subtle (or at least, not so loud)! Again, stick with neutral-toned eyeshadow on your lid and color in your waterline with black eyeliner. If you want, wing the eyeliner out for an added cool girl effect. Then take some thin, airy false lashes and apply them to your LOWER lash line. This will give your eyes a doll-effect, which makes them appear bigger and brighter. 

Courtesy: YouTube

Try something new with your makeup routine! Instead of black, choose blue. Instead of thin, go bold. Instead of right side up, go upside down! Happy blending Collegiettes!