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Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is a day when you get to show your love towards another person. So why would you show your love with a stuffed animal bought from the convenience store that says “I love you?” Don’t get me wrong, the sentiment is nice and all, but there are so many other unique ideas to show your Valentine how much you care. Here are a couple of ideas for fun, different gifts for your loved one!

1. A painting is a perfect way to show your love on this day of love. I know not everyone is an artist, but painting is a fun way to create something homemade and unique for your loved one. It doesn’t matter what you end up with, it’s the thought that counts. Add lots of red and pink for a Valentine’s Day theme. Paintings are different because it’s something your love can cherish for a very long time.

2. Giving someone a book about something they’re passionate about is such a thoughtful gesture. It really shows that you thought about what they are interested in. I personally bought my boyfriend a book because I saw him reading it in Barnes and Noble and he wouldn’t stop talking about it. Pick a book that interests your Valentine and they’ll be thankful.

3. Now I know that this is a typical Valentine’s Day gift, but if you take the time to write something, your Valentine will swoon. As cheesy as it is, poems and songs are a perfect way to express your thoughts through creation. A poem/song that you wrote is also unique. Instead of buying something, make something and your love will know it came from the heart. Plus, this is something that your boyfriend or girlfriend will remember forever.

4. Here’s something fun for everyone: a trip to the spa. Yeah, the majority of spa-goers are women, but everyone needs a day full of relaxation and pampering, so men can join too. This also gives you and your Valentine some time to spend together. It’ll be a fun bonding experience, plus it will give you an excuse to wear minimal clothes! *wink wink*

5. A mix tape of all your favorite songs is a really great present for a couple that hasn’t been together for a long time. There are so many things you can add to a mix tape to make it personal. Use a song that reminds you of your Valentine; pick the song that was playing when you met or any other songs you see fit. Decorate the case with hearts and pictures, and you’ll have a really unique (and fun) gift that your Valentine will listen to when he/she thinks of you!

Chocolate and flowers added to any of these gifts will be a bonus because who doesn’t like chocolate? However, just chocolate will leave your love thirsty for more! Use one (or all) of these gift ideas and your love will be enchanted, allowing you guys to have a wonderful day. Have a fun (and safe) Valentine’s Day 2014, collegiettes! 

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