TV Talks: Summer Edition

We did it! All of the finals, the papers and homework assignments are over (at least till next semester) and we can finally sleep in without the worry of missing a Zoom lecture or remain guilt-free when we decide to watch another (or ten) episodes of our favorite series. After all of the unnecessary stress and anxiety, we can kick back and relax, and if you are like me, that involves a lot of Netflix and Hulu binging. To make T.V. binging a little bit easier this summer, I compiled a list of three must-watch shows you won't regret taking a look at. 


Roswell, New Mexico

Rating: 8.8/10

Where to Watch: Netflix 

How Long: 2 Seasons 8 Episodes 

Status: Renewed for Season 3

Roswell, New Mexico is a reboot to the original series Roswell that focuses on the lives of three aliens Max Evans, Isobel Evans and Michael Guerin, and their quest to find out where they came from. The show begins with Liz Ortecho returning to Roswell after ten years away to take care of her sick father. Upon her return, she reconnects with her high school crush Max Evans and from there, things get… interesting, to say the least. This show has heartbreak, drama and comedy as viewers get to watch and see as secrets, mysteries and murders unravel. Despite not viewing the original series at first, I immediately fell in love with the characters and their stories so much. Hence, I binged the first season in one weekend and then proceeded to watch random episodes till the second season came out. Although it is a reboot, the characters and storylines stray from the original, which breathes fresh air into the show. Former watchers of Roswell can be just as surprised as new watchers as the story unfolds. Since I watched the reboot before the original, I was pleasantly surprised by how vastly different the two were, but their essence remained the same. They both tell the story of a group of people navigating their way through their own mistakes and heartbreak with just a minor alien twist. Roswell, New Mexico is a definite must-watch in my opinion and will always leave you guessing on everything, so if you like suspenseful and dramatic shows, then this is the one for you.

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Station 19

Rating: 8/10

Where to Watch: Hulu

How Long: 3 Seasons 16 Episodes 

Status: Renewed for Season 4

Station 19 is a spin-off of Grey's Anatomy, which follows six Seattle firefighters: Andy Herrera, Maya Bishop, Jack Gibson, Ben Warren, Victoria Hughes, Travis Montgomery and Dean Miller as they navigate their personal and professional lives. Like any and every other Shonda Rhimes show, these characters and storylines take you on an emotional rollercoaster with a series of twists and turns, so be prepared with a box of tissues. Station 19 has the ability to get you invested in the lives of all of the patients and accurately capture what it means to be a firefighter while also letting you in on the character's personal struggles. Station 19 touches on essential subjects like drug abuse, depression, coming-out, PTSD, etc. while still remaining light-hearted and entertaining to their viewers. As a viewer myself, I am always on my toes, waiting for the next thing to happen that'll either make me cry my eyes out or laugh till my sides hurt. If you're a Shonda Rhimes fan and like to be in your feels, then this is definitely the show to add to your list.


Prodigal Son 

Rating: 9/10

Where to Watch: Hulu

How Long: 1 Season 

Status: Has not been Renewed or Cancelled for Season 2


Prodigal Son is about Michael Bright, a brilliant criminal psychologist that aids the NYPD in stopping serial killers and solving crimes. Bright does this all the while with an overbearing mother, his own deteriorating mental health and, most importantly, his serial killer father, who tries to get involved in his life in any way possible. Viewers can watch as Michael attempts to understand why his dad killed all those people, while also being able to maintain the facade of the perfect father. This show was most definitely my favorite freshman series that came out in 2019 and immediately had me hooked from the series trailer. It is now a show my mom and I watch together, which is saying a lot because she hates watching T.V. series and can be quickly disinterested (the exact opposite of me I might add). The suspense alone in the show will have you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out what happens next. If you like shows with a lot of twists and turns, then Prodigal Son is the one for you.


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