Tumble out of Your Midterm Circus into the Flying High Circus

Midterms have been taking their toll on students across campus. Late-night study sessions, no sleep, and an abundance of coffee are nearing their hiatus until finals week. Those in need of a serious study detox are in for a treat to destress because The Flying High Circus at Florida State is gearing up for its Halloween show series. Every year during Oct., FSU’s circus puts on a Halloween themed show. The show features family-friendly stunts with trapeze skeletons, zombies, aliens and more. Students can witness the elaborate and seemingly death-defying routines for free on Oct. 18, 19, 24 and 27.

Courtesy: @fsuflyinghighcircus on Instagram

The show features acrobatics and more. It includes dances to popular Halloween songs such as “Thriller” by Michael Jackson and routines demonstrating the performers’ unbelievable strengths. The performers grasp the attention of the audience and never let go with their elaborate make-up and costumes. There are also funny skits to keep the light-hearted spirit of the show alive and to keep the audience completely mesmerized. Everything from the show is completely planned down to a T. Lighting and music play an extremely important role in highlighting the costumes and hard work of the students. Hundreds of factors coalesce to create the popular show of ghosts and ghouls.

Courtesy: @emmamoody.photo on Instagram

The tumbling skeletons and dancing zombies are not the only things that make the FSU circus so popular and renown among students and across the country. The Flying High Circus was founded in 1947 by Jack Haskin to help the integration between men and women once Florida State was changed to a co-educational institution. The circus is one of only two collegiate circuses in the U.S. and is completely run by students. Everything from the set design to the costumes are is produced by the members of the circus. Additionally, not only do students get to witness the jaw-dropping routines for free, but the circus allows students to take part in the fun. In the fall, the circus offers a one-credit hour class, PEM1952, that allows students to learn different acts that are performed on the show. These include but are not limited to aerial acts and learning how to rig a net. The opportunities do not end there. Children ages seven through 17 can join the fun through the summer circus camp. The camp allows the kids to learn juggling, cloud swinging and more!

Courtesy: @fsuflyinghighcircus on Instagram

Because of these opportunities and spectacular shows, many are amazed by FSU’s circus. The amateur circus has been compared to the level of a professional circus by many attendees of the performances. It has been featured on shows such as CBS Sports Spectacular and ABC’S Wide World of Sports. The City of Tallahassee has even proclaimed, “Each year the Flying High Circus produces a championship show."

Students can get their free admission into this “championship show” by demonstrating their student ID at the gate and receiving a wristband. However, seating is limited so it is recommended that students arrive early. Non-FSU students can purchase their tickets in advance for a cheaper price here or at the door.

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